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Hello everyone, my name is KnightRider96 and like writing fanfiction.

I like reading good stories where the story is both long and interesting. I like to read Harry Potter, Pokemon, Xiaolin Showdown and Dragon Age Origins fanfics. I also like good crossovers for Harry Potter. I don't really leave reviews but i do like coming back to certain stories if they really stick with me.

Things I like about Harry Potter stories:

1) Normally i like it when Harry is the Master of Death, a badass who takes no shit from anyone. I also like it when Harry also shows the traits of Slytherin, all the while hidding in plain sight. A damaged Harry is also a good concept as it has the possibality to really have Harry grow into something great.

2) I also like it when the story shows Harry not only as a great wizard but also shows that he is still a young boy with the wieight of the entire world on his shoulders. The saying that great men are forged rom fire really resonates with Harry as throughout the books he has been constantly tested through life threatening ways and has always managed to find a way to beat the odds.

3) I like stories where Voldemort is not just evil bastard and actually shows that he has a brain, showing his ambition and cunning and letting people know why he is the most feared dark lord in history.

Things I like about Pokemon stories:

1) I read stories where Ash either gets Pikachu or a different started with Ash having either a different mindset from the show or a diferent goal all together.

2) A smart Ash is also good, especially if the story takes place in the other regions such as Sinnoh or Kalos, as in the show he showed a great deal of thought and strategy to deeat his opponents.

3) I especially like stories that feature Ash Greninja as I really love that concept and it makes Ash the badass that he really is.

Things I like about Xiaolin Showdown stories:

1) I like stories where it shows a great deal of character development between the four dragons. It shows that they not only become more powerful but also more mature as the story goes on.

Things i like about Dragon Age Origins stories:

1) Where it shows the journey from the beginning to the end and what came after in detail, letting us see into the mind of the main character and the bonds they develop through the story.

2) I especiallylike the Cousland background as it has one of the best starting backstories in the game. The second child of a noble house hoping to join the battle alongside thier father and brother, only to be betrayed by thier ally.

Pairing I enjoy reading.

Harry Potter:

1) Harry/Daphne Greengrass

2) Harry/Fluer Delacour

3) Harry/Hermione

4) Harry/Luna Lovegood.


1) Ash/May

2) Ash/Dawn

3) Ash/Serena

4) Ash/Elesa or Cynthia or Diantha (If there are any)

Xiaolin Showdown:

1) Riamundo/Kimiko

Dragon Age Origins:

1) Cousland(M)/Morrigan

2) Cousland(M)/Leliana (sometimes)

3) Cousland(M)/(F)Amell/(F)Maharial/(F)Tabris

4) Couland(M)/Anora

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