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Name: Angela

Age: Old enough to legally drink, vote, smoke and buy porn.

Zodiac: Cancer (Western); Ox (chinese)

Hometown: Baltimore

Favorite quote: "Beautiful, this suffering at the moment of destruction" - Sailor Saturn vol. 10 Sailor Moon manga

Favorite anime and manga: Too lazy right now to list them all; but I love yaoi and shounen-ai

About Me:

I love anime, manga and DC comics and as a result, I started writing fanfics. Only problem; I'm one of the worst procrastinators you will ever meet so I never write as much as I should or update as often as I can. And if its not my procrastination that keeping me from writing, its life. Between work, my spouse, 4 cats, and friends, finding time to write fanfics is near impossible.

I studied Japanese for three years and I even studied abroad in Japan . Also, as a result I have a bad habit of adding Japanese to my stories. Not because I'm trying to impress anyone or show off my skills, but with some things, I'll think of it in Japanese first and it ends of getting typed. Either that, or I'll think it sounds weird in English (you should see my stories before I edit them). Sorry if you hate that but it's one of my bad habits that I don't notice as much but please don't leave reviews pointing out my use of Japanese; I know I do it, I'm sorry but I either don't notice it or I think it flows better in Japanese (even if it's only in my mind).

All in all, I'm a crazy and lazy procrastinator who thinks that the idea of two guys together is hot. I prefer to write my fics in first person and I usually don't write in third person, otherwise I run the risk of sounding like I'm writing an academic paper.

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