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Hello people! I'm BlackMoonsDaughter and I want to thank you for clicking on my profile. I love to write stories, mostly because whenever I have an idea popping on my head, if I won't write it down it will flow away and I will probably never have the chance to remember it again!

I will try as much as I can to be posting in less than two months because I hate making people wait, but I can't promise anything yet. The school is a real pain in the ass! One thing is sure. Even if I might stop updating for far too long time, this doesn't mean that I have dropped it or forgotten it! I am very bonded with my stories and I am surely not the kind of person that leaves something unfinished!

Another thing for me, is that I'm a more romantic person and I hate tragedies (especially if they are romantic tragedies, like Romeo and Juliet, and such) so do not expect me to write any kind of tragedy and such! One last thing before I go is that I love to read comments, even if they aren't there to glorify my work! I want to know people's opinions and comments about everything! Oh and be sure that I will be answering back to any comments that are left for me.

If anyone likes my work a lot and wants me to write a story for him or something like that (don't think I'm any fop or something, but I once liked so much the way an author had written a story that I asked him to write one based on my favorite movie and it was amazing!) you can freely write me a comment to ask me and you just need to tell me the movie, which characters do you want to be shown and how is the OC you want me to add! I will be glad to help you!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my stories and have a good reading time!

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