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Son Of Fellblood PM
Joined Jul '16
  • The names Kazuma,

  • the Son of Fellblood.

  • Age:???

  • Real name: Fakka U. Ghey

  • Likes: video games, Anime, and muh friends.

  • Dislikes: Politics, people who get offended at jokes, and Yaoi/Yuri.

  • Favorite game: The World Ends With You.

  • Favorite Anime: Assassination Classroom.

  • Sup. I mostly read on this site but I'm trying to work up the courage and the time to post my own Fic.

  • I mainly read Naruto, Harry Potter, and Bleach FanFiction, and plan on posting my own Naruto/Legend of Zelda crossover fic of my own.

  • I am a sucker for Romance and Action stories, reading almost exclusively those genres of Fics.

  • I hate most every "Cannon" Pairing. I could argue and debate until I'm blue in the face about why NaruHina or IchiHime or InuYasha/Kagome are horrible pairings, and give you a million reasons why IchiYoru or NaruAnko are better and would make more sense.

  • I read Naruto FanFiction because I'm unhappy with the Anime's characters. The plot, the world, and the conflict have promise; but I hate how the characters acted and handled things in the Cannon.

  • I am midPlat-LowDiamond in Overwatch, and play it more than I probably should. I am a filthy Casual player in R6S, and main Blackbeard/Valkyrie. I use the Hammer, Charge Blade, Switch Axe, and Hunting Horn in MH:W. Finally, I main Harrow/Nidus in Warframe.

  • Well, that's me. Try to stick around and eventually I'll post my story;

  • The Legend of Naruto: Incarnate

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