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I suppose you clicked on my penname because you want to know a little about me. I can see the logic in that. However, that's usually what I do when I want information on a person, and I'm completely illogical. So, wait...what are you doing here?

Name: runs with sissors. No C. Don't need it.

Location: Missouri :( But I have a picture of Big Ben in my room and it sustains me.

I write: Doctor Who, mostly, but I wrote some House stuff earlier. Please don't read it, it's bad.

I read: Loads of stuff! I really like Ray Bradbury, Jasper Fforde, Robert Burns, PG Wodehouse, Lewis Carroll, TS Eliot, Douglas Adams and AA Milne. And Shakespeare! He's very cool.

I watch: Doctor Who, MST3K, Fawlty Towers, House, Myth Busters, Jeeves & Wooster, Psych (James Roday! James Roday!) Monk. And, on Thursdays, Are You Being Served? and The Vicar of Dibley. Hehe.

I listen to: All types of music, from Murray Gold to The Proclaimers to Amy Winehouse to Lily Allen to The Beatles to Puccini to Weird Al to Smashmouth.

I don't support: Character bashing and ship wars. Oh, and House/Cameron.

I support: Any ship as long as you are big and mean enough to do it, except the aforementioned one.

Thanks, and happy reading!

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