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Hi, I go by the name Hermonine online...and yes it is spelt correctly, it's not Hermione from Harry Potter it's Hermonine lol. Anyway, I live the USA in California.

About Me and my horses:

I love animals especially horses! I love to ride and I have 6 horses of my own...yes 6...a few too many. I compete with my horses in gymkhana's which for those who do not know is barrel racing, pole bending, and other speed events. I have arabians, part arabian/qh's, and a paint horse. Most I still am training and a few are still growing and maturing out lol.

Other things I love are of couse reading fanfictions...though I am yet to write a true one for I fear it would be terrible for I think I am not too good at writing storys though in the future I may try. I have attempted one with my friend but it was never finished and probably never will. It was a spur of the moment thing we did for fun one day. I have tons of ideas for fanfictions but no idea how to write them so if you want some ideas ask and I may give you some if they come to mel lol. I also love playing the sims and other online games. Other things I like are reading the Harry Potter series, Twilight, spending time with my friends, going outdoors and just hanging around by the stream out front, spending time with my horses and animals, drawing, etc. I love to go riding in the trails out back and ride threw the streams and such.

Some of the many Fanfictions I like to read:

Inuyasha Series (Kagome/Sesshoumaru --pretty much all I read lol)

Inuyasha Crossovers (with LOTR, Harry Potter, Naruto, Fushigi Yuugi, Transformers, Fruits Basket, almost anything)

- I like Inuyasha crossovers with Kagome as the main character and if she is with someone (usually big characters) to be a character from another anime such as:

- Kagome/Legolas, Kagome/Draco, Kagome/Haldir, Kagome/Hotohori, Kagome/(Transformers Autobot/Decepticon), etc.

Lord of the Rings Series/Crossovers (somebody from our time going there's, Inuyasha, Harry Potter)

Harry Potter Series/Crossovers (a new transfer student or something like that, Transformers, Inuyasha, LOTR)

- Harry Potter crossovers I like with either Harry Potter or Hermione Granger as the main character

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