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Fanfiction Dictionary for Newbies

AU - alternate universe. This basically means that it can't relate to the TV series in ayway .eg highschool fics and vampire fics about stories that aren't already about highschool or vamptires etc (ie not Twilight :P)
Boy love - gay-ness
Bromance - straight best buddy relationships between blokes
Canon - Refers to what actually happens in the original series / book / cartoon etc
Crackfic - something that is very funny but would never happen in canon eg Sherlock Holmes and Watson being turned into penguins
Crack pairing - a romance that would never happen and makes no sense at all (maybe gay or straight) eg Harry / Nearly-Headless-Nick
Discontinued - story is unfinished and will no longer be updated
Drabble - very short fanfiction - usually less than 200 words
ff - lesbian romace
fm - straight romance
Fluff - cute moments in any relationship (between friends, family, lovers etc)
Femslash - lesbian romance
- reviews are generally offensive and negative that offer no helpful critism
Gary stu - overly perfect male characater. Not really as common as mary-sues.
Gen - fanfiction where romance is not mentioned or is only in the background.
Girl love - lesbian-ness
Hentai - cartoon p0rn
IC - in character
Incest - really does mean incest. Anything ending in -cest means incest e.g twincest (between twins) , zucest (between Zuko and Azula in Avatar)
Lemon - explicit sex
Lime - not-so-explicit sex
Mary-sue - overly perfect female characters that are generally very unpopular with fans. Each category has a different kind of mary-sue e.g. a beyblade mary-sue will come from that abbey and has a bad past and is a splitting image of Kai.
mm - gay romance
Mpreg - male pregnancy
Noncon / Non-con - Non consensual activity ie rape
OC- orignal character (an authors creation)
OOC - out of character
One-shot - a fanfiction that's only 1 chapter long
PM - private message
POV - point of veiw
R + R - read and review
Shoujo ai (sp?) - girl love (lesbian fluff)
Shounen ai - boy love (gay fluff)
Slash - gay or lesbian romance
Smut - sex
Yaoi - gay p0rn
Yuri - lesbian p0rn

If this helped you and you want to help out the innocent newcomers to fanfiction, copy and paste this to your profile and add the name to this list: storm-of-insanity (and drop me a PM if you do so I know the word is spreading XD)

I hope this helps. (If you spot any mistakes in the definitions leave me a PM.) PS, most of these topics were read by mistake, fanfiction can be evil if you don't know the lingo! Thanks to MommyRogers for telling me what Lemon and Lime meant.

My obsessesion with fanfiction has been quenched for now and sadly Avatar: The Last Airbender is somewhat dead to me. But I guess the 3 years of solid obsession with cartoon characters cough Zuko cough had to come to an end. The chances that I write again are slim but that doesn't mean I can't tell well written fics to utter rubbish. I still think fanfiction has actually help me grow a lot. My writing style definitly matured and I have a much deeper appreciation for character development.

Currently Sherlock Holmes is my no. 1 addiction and oLabyrintho has very kindly written a story for me (non-slash of course XD) Chaos and Bedbugs. We were discussing / poking fun at all the fics where Holmes and Watson share a bed and decided that a non-slash version of it had to be done. It's funny and clever at the same time but I would expect no less from such a talented writter :)


If anyone's interested, I have a C2 dedicated to friendship and family stories for Avatar: The Last Airbender of all lengths and characters but no romance. All of the ratings are below M and there's no mention of rape, incest, slash, Mpreg or lemon. If you'd like to join my staff to track down all these well written pieces. Drop me a PM.

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