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Books have always interested me they just have a certain allure to them. From a young age books were already a big part of my life. I would come home from school and I would read a book instead of just watching TV.

Klaroline is my OTP from TVD and TO. Frary is my OTP from Reign.

I've decided to write a fanfiction of my own called Devil's whisper which is about an OC called Kehlani and Kol from the Originals. I haven't posted a chapter yet but I'm working on it. My book is basically about Kehlani who was Silas's one true love from 2000 years ago and some implications forced them to be apart a 1000 years later she meets a handsome young man called Kol Mikaelson although their relationship is first rocky and passionate they soon become bestfriends. I guess that's a sneakpeek into my book and i'm very excited to write it and for you guys to read it.

"A professional writer is an amateur that didn't quit." ~ Richard Bach

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