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Rimeko PM
Joined Jul '16

French bio-engineering major by day, artist and writer by night, I also spend a good part of my free time obsessing over TV shows, games and animes :P

I began to write original fics and then discovered fanfictions thanks to my obsession with Games of Thrones a couple of years ago. And while I still mostly write in my own universes, I have along the years pilled up a good number of fanfics, namely for GoT (written with a friend), Daredevil / The Punisher, Until Dawn, Attack on Titan and now Jujutsu Kaisen :D I'm in a lot of other fandoms too, but none that inspired me that much!

Btw, all art featured here (pp and story covers) is by me, you can find me on Instagram (@annaelle.rimeko) or on Tiktok (@nael.rimeko) if you want ;)

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