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Hey everyone! I hope you like my stories! For Anime I love Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny, Beyblade, YYH, Final Fantasy 7, Inuyasha, RK, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Panic and Fullmetal Panic Fumofu and many more! But my ultimate favorites are Covenant and the Twilight series! TEAM JACOB!! TEAM PAUL and TEAM EMBRY!! Basically Team Wolves! haha

Well here is alittle bit about me!

I'm working on a few stories but never seem to get the time to finish them. But they are EmbryxOC and JacobxOC and I'm getting the idea for another Gundam Seed story...YzakxOC. I will get to finishing one of them eventually so stay tuned!

I'm trying to write another story...I have many in the workings, but my school work has been keeping me from doing so. So hopefully sometime this year I will have another story up here.


P.S: Thanks for all the reviews out there for my stories! I greatly appreciate them!

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