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As everyone knows, when reading someone's bio paragraph/s there's always something to behold in their writing. You can tell a lot by how they write, what they write, where they write it, and if you're lucky they'll tell you why they write. But, sadly, there will always be this standard rule in FanFiction that you have to talk about what things make you what you are, even if they're fake, and so, I will do the same.

I am 03JTunice or for the sake of time, (J)Tunice for short. I like to write stories about stuff, mostly Fairy Tail stuff if you couldn't figure it out. I have a bad case of procrastination beyond anyone's imagination but I also like to work hard when it comes time to do so. Pretty weird right? Anyway, things about me will be shown below.

Me Likey:


Me Don't Likey:

A lot

Okay that's it, for now, see ya and keep on reading!

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