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Warning: Procrastinator and slow updater resides here

Heyo! I'm the queen of slow updates and I also get distracted easily from writing so please bear with me owo

I need to stop juggling so many stories...

I'm overhauling my profile to be more informative about projects/stories/ideas that I have (although many of them will probably never be finished...) Hopefully, I'll be able to clear out these projects one by one, until all of them are finished.

Priority list:

Ghosts of Wild Cards Past

To the Nines (Original work)

Shattering Lenses

With Scarlet Eyes

Uploaded stories:

Shattering Lenses: Status: Slow; Sporadic updates

Ghosts of Wild Cards Past: Status: In progress

Crossing Fate: Status: Stopped; On hiatus

Of Wishes and Wills: Status: Stopped; On hiatus

With Scarlet Eyes: Status: Sporadic updates; In progress

The Meaning of Ai: Status: Stopped; On hiatus

Hero Names: Status: Sporadic updates

That Time we Spent Together: Status: Stopped (Part of Project: Rewrite)

Red Eyes and a Smile: Status: Stopped; On break

As Many Times as it Takes: Status: Stopped; On hiatus

Night Tales Reveal: Status: Stopped; On hiatus

Active stories (stories not uploaded but have scenes/chapters):

Apocalypse: Demon Invasion: Status: Sporadic updates; On hiatus

Project: Rewrite: Status: Sporadic updates; On hiatus

Duality: Status: Stopped

Once Upon a Dream: Status: Stopped

Secret Garden of Death: Status: Stopped

Plot bunnies (stories with titles and/or summaries but no concrete scenes or chapters):

Hear our Prayer, Eclipse: Lucy had survived the Dragon Apocalypse. Natsu did not. Determined to change the future, she makes her way to the gateway that will change the world, Eclipse. She is not the only one. Together with the remaining members of Magia, they will fight to preserve their wishes of the past and their hope for the future. Spin-off of Shattering Lenses.

Make a Wish: AU. Madoka Kaname is a girl born with a very powerful magic… Wish Magic, the ability to make all of her wishes true. However, as she journeys Fiore, she'll find that true wishes aren't granted, but earned.

MMxRWBY: After a few months of peace, the “Mitakihara Four” just HAD to get sent to another world, didn’t they…? Well, at least they’ve found themselves in a world where fighting is an official profession and there’s a slim chance that Homura may finally be able to make peace with her peers…

For Hope and Happiness: Ayano Tateyama wished for happiness. So when she is offered the chance at saving other people’s happiness… how can she refuse? For that is exactly what she is going to do… Save the magical girls’ happiness.

The Tempest of Ai: Second in the TMOI series. Inter-dimension travel. They all thought that it was impossible, until Miku accidentally teleports them all to Earthland, a world full of magic… and mayhem. What happens when ten immortals decide to join in on the Fairy Tail shenanigans?

The Truth of Ai: Third in the TMOI series.

In a Daze: A strange girl is found wandering the woods of the campus. But just who is she? And why is she always surrounded by those ten people that popped up out of nowhere…?

AkameGaKillxHunterxHunter: AU.

MMxHunterxHunter: She knows the others are here. In order to find them, she becomes a Hunter. or Homura is transported to a strange world, one where she must find the other misplaced magical girls to figure out the mystery. Determined to find the others, she sets out for the Hunter Exam; the one place where she might find a hint to deciphering Madoka’s message.

Puella Magi School Magica: Yuki Takeya couldn’t be happier! She goes to school, has fun, and talks to her friends and Megu-nee! What she doesn’t know is the truth… and Kurumi, Yuuri, and Miki are determined to keep it that way. Or they risk the magical girl falling apart.

HetaliaxKagepro: Ayano is transported into the Hetaliaverse. Typical OC falls into the Hetalia world... with a twist.

P3xAssassination Classroom: Two years before Iwatodai, Minato went to Kunugigaoka. Oh, and the moon exploded too, can't forget about that. This changes things.

Miscellaneous other projects:

Kagetalia: A Kagerou project and Hetalia crossover AU. Also an UTAU series on Youtube.

Hero Names: A series of drabbles about the hero names of the Kagepro characters.

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