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Sorry Guys i will not be posting on this website any longer. (I will try and re-write some of my fictions and edit them to fit regulations but it might take some time so for now feel free to check them out on , or )
My website is under construction, i will try to have it up again in a few weeks hopefully not that long _~

IM or E-mail me anytime i love hearing from you guys!

AOL IM: Akio Amadeo
Y! IM: akioamadeo

Multiple Chapter Fictions
(complete) The Pharaohs Gift - 14 Chapters
(complete) Father, Mother, Lover - 23 Chapters
(complete) Memories - 18 Chapters
(complete) Detention - 5 Chapters
(complete) Love Pain - 16 Chapters
(complete) Cant Erase What I feel - 17 Chapters
(complete) Caught In The Middle - 9 Chapters
(complete) Welcome To Slavery - 20 Chapters
(complete) I Never Knew - 15 Chapters
(complete) Father, Mother, Lover II - 16 Chapters
(complete) Youth - 11 Chapters (written by myself and Mally-chan)
(complete) You Rocked My World - 9 Chapters
(complete) Zanshi - 13 Chapters
(complete) Abnormal Lemons - 10 Chapters
(complete) Love and Lost - 14 Chapetrs
(complete)Regret - 22 Chapters

Single Chapter Fiction or Song Fictions
(one-shot) Cake Day(written by myself and Mally-chan)
(one-shot) Notice Me (written by myself and Mally-chan)
(one-shot) Unsent
(one-shot) On My Own
(one-shot) Loving Him, And Failing Miserably

(in progress)Family Love - Chapter 16 up!
(in progress)Teach Me Pleasure - Chapter 11 Up!
(in progress)Buisness Hours - Chapter 26 Up!
(in progress)All's Fair In Love And War - Chapter4 Up!

(The stories above are placed under Bishojo_shadow on : http:///user_info.php/63380

You can also find them on under bishojoshadow: http:///aff/authors.php?no=19493

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