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Hi there!! I'm not really sure what to put on my profile, as I'm relatively new to having one, but I can start by providing a bit of information about myself, I suppose. I have one dog, a beagle named Luci, who means the world to me. :) I love reading, and I love writing even more. I have written (well, "started" is a more accurate term for it :( ) several fanfictions thus far but have yet to publish them. Any encouragement/support to do so would be greatly appreciated, as I'm a bit hesitant to merely start. :l I live in the United States, but several most of my fandoms are British and/or have British actors lol ;D Oh, and I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! (actually all food whatsoever. . . but really, who doesn't?!)

These are my fandoms (the ones that I can remember, anyway):

Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Harry Potter Doctor Who Sherlock Supernatural Hamilton :D In the Heights Les Miserables Phantom of the Opera
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