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Hello everyone, I am writing this so that my readers may have an idea as to who I am as a person and what I love. I suppose that the best way to start is with my name. Well, I'm Andy, and I am currently a college student studying to acquire a double major in both script-writing and Interdisciplinary English.

In my free time, I have grown to love writing, and this passion has gradually evolved into a desire to either write for television, novels, and/or video games. Out of all of the genres, I tend to prefer Science Fiction, Fantasy, and any derivative of the two. I hope to write stories as a career eventually. Currently, I am attempting to write a novel series that I would love to develop into a television series and video game.

However, in my spare time, I like to improve my literary skills through writing fanfics. As of this moment, I have only dabbled in Naruto centric fics. Unlike what many might think, I have a much broader set of media that I enjoy and would love to write about. These include the likes of Halo, Star Wars, Avatar, Iron Man, and many more.

A crossover that I have been interested in pursuing for some time now is between Halo and Star Wars. However, I would prefer it that I finish the fics that I am currently on before moving on to it. As of this moment, I am writing Adrift in Remnant as well as Naruto Redefined: Volume 1. I hope to be finished with both series before the end of the year.

Other then what I have listed above, I am always up to discuss topics and respond to messages and comments.

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