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Hello there,

So, lately, since I've been having some hits and visitors on my profile, I thought that perhaps I should write something here. What can I say about me?

Name: Kath (everyone calls me that, friends and family, that I'm starting to believe no one knows my real name...)

Age: 19 (yey, Happy Birthday to meeeeeee !! )

Nationality: Portuguese

What I'm supposed to be doing: I'm in my second year of university, studing Management

What I read: Mainly Harry Potter and Chuck, although I sometimes look up for some Twilight stories :P

Uh... What else? I'm a bit obsessed with fiction, and I usually have some ideas for fics, but, unfortunately, I'm a bit too lazy and disorganized to actually go and write one.

Oh, and I'm BETAing for wickedDiSaster first story, called "Need". I'm really excited, it's very cool, guys. Being the second person in the WORLD to read it gives me a sense of... importance. GO ME!!

Anyway, it's a DM/HG story, bit dark but full of... mature scenes. The kind that you're all dying to read!! Check it out!!

Aaaand, being a fan of "The Office", check out TwotoTenth story, called "Chuck vs Dunder Mifflin". I'ts awesome :D

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