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To everyone out there that has read my works...my computer that i work on is becoming very pissed and is acting stupid. So my updates will come shorty

okay so i happen to know that alot of you are not waiting for me to update anything but oh well...I have to get a new computer transfer everything over to that one and then hope that nothing gets deleted in the process of doing that...i just need the possive feedback...

Hey just wanted to let yall know that i'm getting a new computer once taxes come back so please have heart and stick with me.

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Just don't give me flames please!

There's not much to me...althought i have alot of friends but not most of them get this kinda stuff...

Fav. Actors are...Mads(Tristan), Sean Connery...sexy, Brad Pitt, Colin Farrel, Jared Leto...wish he was mine, Kellen Lutz, Matthew Grey Gubler

Manga's I like are...Bleach, Tokyo Mew Mew, Gravatation, Yellow, Fruit Baskets

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