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Name : CJ

Age : 14

Area : NYC

Authors That You Should Check Out:

TheReaper94 - He always puts great efforts in his stories and they are amazing he always tries to make his reviewers happy. You check out Year after Year and Here We Go Go Again: the 24th Hunger Games.

Misfit-Right in - her story bloodshot is amazing and you guys should really check it out I submitted Four Tributes even it's really cool and action-packed. She will always try to make sure she writes your tribute just as you imagined them.

jennycaakes - is one of the best authors in my opinion on Fanfiction.net she makes some of the best Madge/Gale stories and you should really check them out. Even though it's been months since she hasn't updated in 4 months you should check her out. Some fanfics I would recommend is Faded Lines and Tomorrow will be Kinder.

Info About Me

Fav Foods : Curly Fries, Biscuits, and Fried Chicken

Fav Districts : 1,4,5,7

Faction : Candor

Child of Apollo

Caste : 4

Fav Curse Words : C*t, S, F, and A*hole

Love : Sunsets, Photography, Books, and Food

Fav Characters : Johanna, Finnick, Katniss, Rue, Marvel, Foxface, Madge, Mags, and Glimmer

And May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor !

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