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Sup I don really don't know what to right here.

Oh I know


Leave a good story right at its climax point. To add salt on the wound, they don't give a reason why. They just stop writing the story and go write others or they just go off the grid with no update to any story for a year. Ple don't do this if your writing a fanfic.

2. Start 5 stories at once. They end up getting over loaded and then just take for ever to update the 1 story you actually like. I you get an idea for a story, pls write it down finish the story you are currently on and finish it then go on to the next.

my favorite anime is Fairy Tail

favorite pairing for FT(not really in order)

Natsu x Erza(OTP)

Natsu x Ultear(favorite crack pairing)

Natsu x Lucy(use to be OTP but is in third place now)

Natsu x Brandish(always leads to an interesting story)

Pairings I hate

Jellal x Erza(or any guy but Natsu,I just can't forgive him for what he's done, it pisses me off that this its like 99.9% going to be cannon)

Lucy and any other guy but Natsu( may not be my OTP any more but I still hate it)

Laxus x Mira(I just don't get it, people base this off the fact that she cust him out when he was being an asshole, yeah cuz that's romantic)

I might right a fancfic of my own in time but I'm not the best author or writer so I do pls help me out

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