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Time travel stories are fun to read but most of them lack divergence. It would be nice if someone wrote one that did diverge. *hint hint* *nudge nudge*

Other stuff that you can know about me is that I'm plagued by power cuts and internet downs by the hour. I also have a horrible track record when it comes to continuing stories after posting the first few chapters.


some nameless deleted one piece time travel story
Yeah, it was an amateur's attempt at writing a fic and it was horrible. I was practically watching the anime from episode 1 on another window to paraphrase the dialogues and action scenes. Horrible. Glad I deleted it.

Divine Reset - The Epic Path
Read entirely too many lemons before writing this and ended up with some wish fulfillment bullcrap. Nothing wrong with the trope but it's not for me. Not touching it with a ten foot pole now.

Ninja Adventure - Straw Hat Edition
You'd think I'm a master writer seeing the first chapter then you'd spit at me when I tell you I had no idea what I was doing when putting a clearly OP crossover character and surrounding him with weaklings for almost the majority of the entire series.

The Legend of Harry Potter
Genuinely wanted to continue this one but then I realized I had no idea what to write since I started this one with a vague premise for a beginning and a random epic final fight with Voldemort in my head. Haven't even watched the entire movie series or read the books either. Conclusion: Don't search 'Epic Battle Music' on YT, kids. It gives you fake inspiration. Might come around to writing this in a distant future maybe. Don't hold your breath on this.

Hadn't watched or read One Piece for a long while (an year or two) so binged on about 80 chapters at once. Then went and watched an epic AMV. And then I got inspiration and imagination for scenes for a long line of moments for at least half the series. And continued to imagine scenes for some more. Decided to see if I can translate my imagined anime scenes into text form. It worked... for a while. Not anymore, I guess.


The stories I'm not updating can be considered templates for you guys to use if you want. You're welcome to write your own stories with those starting chapters I've written. Just... please inform me if you do. I want to read your works as well. I promise to leave reviews!

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