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Just your average anime fan. Not much else to say really. Here to share some of my story ideas with you all.

Current stories:

DXD Sharingan Dragon Slayer. Status: This was my first story, ever. And I don't really want to discontinue it, but at the same time I kind of feel like I have to. I'm pretty much stuck, and wrote myself too deep into a hole I cannot climb out of. I will not delete the story. I will keep it in case I suddenly get myself out of this hole and manage to continue writing it again.

The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail crossover Naruto, Itachi MC, earlier chapters being re-written) Status: Next chapter 20% complete

A Strange New World (Shimoneta crossover Naruto, Itachi MC) Status: It's basically a story I write for fun or when I have no idea what else to work on. I will continue it, and I plan on finishing it.

Minato (AU. Minato, Itachi, Kushina MC's) Status: Next Chapter 20% complete.

Itachi Sitri. Status: Next Chapter 70% complete.

As for "A Fresh Start" and "From Ninja to Saiyan". My co-writer has given up writing, so as of now "From Ninja to Saiyan is discontinued as I cannot write this without my co-writer. But "A Fresh Start" can still continue one day. And here is why. With "From Ninja to Saiyan" it was mostly me and my buddy Damien Falls getting drunk together and writing down whatever came to our heads. Like, he came up with the idea that Itachi wouldn't be a Saiyan God, but a Saiyan Anti-God, a Saiyan Titan so to speak. Where he would have a purple aura (Which Ultra Ego Vegeta has now...). And we had it be like that the Angels could only create more Angels, by doing it with an anti-god, so an excuse as to why characters like Vados would try themselves on Itachi. Like, what was he smoking? There was no real story, no real plot, just a bunch of jokes that we did together for fun. And now he doesn't feel like writing anymore, and since I cannot do those jokes without him we are discontinuing this story.

But, "A Fresh Start" was mostly me, Damien Falls came up with some crazy theories and back stories as well as a few jokes here and there. So, it is possible for me to continue it without him, although I still suffer from writers block. But it could potentially continue one day, until then I am putting it on Hiatus.


When it comes to updates I will just say this, I write what I feel to write. Meaning I will update stories at random depending on which one I feel like writing. And the reason for this is because that if I write something that I don't feel inspired to write it usually doesn't turn out that good.

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