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Just your average anime fan. Not much else to say really. Here to share some of my story ideas with you all.

Current stories:

DXD Sharingan Dragon Slayer. Status: Writers block, currently on hold, will continue in the future. Will also re-write chapters.

From Ninja to Sajyan (Co-written with Damien Falls) Status: Due to this current pandemic, me and my buddy Damien Falls can't get together that often to write together. Usually we would go visit each other, sit down together, come up with silly ideas and write. I know I said in one of my latest updates this story would be the next to be updated, but I honestly don't see it happening anytime soon. We barely have time, and Damien Falls is currently occupied with working and moving into a new house. Although the Next Chapter is 15% complete.

The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail crossover Naruto, Itachi MC, earlier chapters being re-written) Status: Next chapter 10% complete

A Fresh Start (Co-written with Damien Falls) Status: Writers block, plus what I said about From Ninja to Saiyan.

The Golden Mage (Adopted from Damien Falls) Status: Yeah, I honestly don't know what to say. Anyone else wanna adopt this story? Since it's not originally mine I must admit I have a hard time finding ideas for it. PM me, Damien Falls is still unable to access his profile for some reason.

A Strange New World (Shimoneta crossover Naruto, Itachi MC) Status: It's basically a story I write for fun or when I have no idea what else to work on. I will continue it, and I plan on finishing it.

Minato (AU. Minato, Itachi, Kushina MC's) Status: Next Chapter 20% complete.

Itachi Sitri. Status: Next Chapter 10% complete.


When it comes to updates I will just say this, I write what I feel to write. Meaning I will update stories at random depending on which one I feel like writing. And the reason for this is because that if I write something that I don't feel inspired to write it usually doesn't turn out that good.

And when it comes to the co-written stories, I can't do them without my co-author's help.

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