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Thirty-five year old female who has the oddest of hobbies. I like console video games, pro wrestling, reading, Japanese anime and hentai (fan for over 20 years now), tinkering with computers, and being with friends. OK, so that is slightly normal, but hey, its still odd too!

I enjoy reading fan fiction, but I truly hate Obidala's (makes no sense to me, Obi-Wan's true love was Siri Tachi, maybe Sabe).

Update: 4/4/07

I hate to make a rant on my profile, but I have to. I love reading fan fictions and authors who take the time out to write and post them online on this site and other sites are a blessing. But, authors who do NOT take the time to correct their spelling and grammar should never post anything. I mainly read Star Wars and Naruto fan fictions, and I swear in the Naruto section of this site, for every five great stories posted, there are twenty-five pieces of SHIT posted on a daily basis. It truly amazes me that these children, teens, college students, whatever...cannot spell and use proper grammar above a second grade school level. Either our schools in this nation (United States) do not teach a damned thing (which wouldn't shock me, but fuck people, how can ANYONE write this poorly), or you dipshits do not care about the pure trash you post here at this site on a daily basis. I will not name any names, but you WILL see my reviews in the Naruto/Hinata section. You assclowns can say "no flames" all you want, but you will get the truth from me. I never expect perfection from anyone, we are all human and even I make errors. To all of you good and great writers on the Naruto section who actually take the time out to post enjoyable fan fiction with as little spelling and grammar errors as possible: Thank You!!

Update: 5/13/07

Ok, I think I lost my mind here...

I will beta (that means read over chapters and make ALL corrections) for the Naruto/Hinata section of this site. Its obvious the grammar and spelling of that section (and probably all other ones too), needs some serious help. And authors, just because someone leaves reviews saying they like your chapter doesn't mean it is good. If your spelling and grammar are shit, your chapter is shit. A few errors are one thing, but once you have five or more, then you have no business posting anywhere online without a beta. I try to be "gentle" in my reviews, but even I can only take so much garbage being put out on a daily basis.

The writers know who they are here. I have left reviews that said what you need to improve on and you do nothing. I know its your choice, but in the end, your skills as a writer (not just here, but in real life) will suffer and you will wish you could write a complete sentence properly. Write speech between characters properly... Capitalize the first fucking word in a new sentence and proper names... Knowing how to use "their" and "there"... Gods!!

My turnaround time for making chapter corrections is only a few hours at the most. Sometimes, it will be under one hour. SO PLEASE!! ONEGAI!! SEND YOUR FUCKING NAURTO/HINATA chapters to my email address!!

Update 6/25/07

I have surgery coming up in a couple of weeks and my doctor put me on some medication that fucks me up. I am truly sorry, but I will be unable to do any beta work that was sent to me via email. I got a call from my doctor this morning and my test result was not good, so I will get be under the knife so to speak. I am truly sorry to those I was going to beta stories for and I hope since I cannot do it, you will take the time to look at some English grammar websites and it may be a good idea to buy a thesaurus (or look at one online) since many of you misuse words far too often (affect/effect and their/there do NOT mean the same thing for example).

BTW: If you sent me a story from a different series or movie, I will still beta it until you are finished with the story. If you want me to beta other stories for this site or other sites, please PM me first. Thank you and have a good day!

Update 9/25/07

I had my second surgery and it went well. My recovery time is slow and painful, but it happens. I still try to find good fics on this site and it gets harder and harder everyday. I give a review stating the author (and I use that term loosely) needs to work on their (NOT there idiots) spelling and grammar, and I get nothing but excuses. "I don't have a program that does that. I don't trust betas. What is a beta? People like it anywayz n give me good reviews cuz they like it." You know people, you CAN get a program that does have a spell check and for those who do use such a program, stop being so fucking lazy and run the damned thing. Also, stop rushing your work and proofread it. That means re-reading it at least twice to catch errors. I know that is very hard for you children to do, but it pays off. Trust me, it does. I just wish this site had a section for dumping the shitty fanfictions into, then it would be easier to find and read the great ones on this site.

For those of you who NEED help with spelling and grammar, PLEASE go to /handouts/grammar/g_spelhomo.html

For Naruto fans who need Jutsu lists, here is a site (/Naruto-Technique-List.html) with a lot of them. Click on "Read More..." to access the information you want to read (yes I included that since some people are mentally incompetent here).

Team 8 by S'TarKan is one of my favorite stories on this site. It is the perfect example of how to write a story and the character depth is amazing. Also, the spelling and grammar is top notch. The story is not only an awesome read, but it shows you HOW a story is supposed to be written. Those who can't spell and use grammar to save their asses should read that story AND look at HOW it is presented. Notice the LACK of spelling and grammar errors in every sentence. Also, notice how each character is well developed in the story.

When I hear and see A/N's with excuses and lame reasons why the author is a retard and has no business attempting to write a story, I laugh. I laugh because I see well written stories like Team 8 and others from those who I look forward to reading. Stop making excuses and either get better at writing, or stop now. Lastly, some people have long A/N's where they talk to themselves or whatever...

Who gives a shit about that?

Stop trying to add words to your story because your chapters are too damned short. If you have short chapters, then just publish a chapter with MORE words instead of taking up the fucking computer screen with line after line of retarded chats to yourself. No one cares and no one is going to care about you talking to yourself or your fucking sob story. A chapter used for a fucking sob story is NOT a chapter for a story. Then you get REVIEWS based on your fucking sob story. WTF?! You put your fucked up and no one gives a shit sob stories in your profile, not in your blasted stories. Fucking retards...

Special Note 9/26/07

I have noticed for a while that people are adding "s" to Japanese words that do NOT belong there to make it plural (more than one). You do NOT bastardize a foreign word into a words that doesn't exist using English language rules at your leisure people. I will put in the most commonly used words that idiots add the totally unnecessary "s" to:

shinobi kunoichi kunai

These words can be used to describe ONE person or in the case of kunai, SINGLE or MULTIPLE objects. Do NOT add the "s" at the end morons. When you do that, you are typing a word that doesn't even exist...

Also, "shuriken" and "Konoha" are the proper spellings for words in the Naruto Universe.

This link is a great guide for how someone should write any story. It even has guidelines that anyone can follow! So yes, those of you who are lazy and shitty writers who are too moronic to look up things for yourselves, here is another link for you.


Since I was silly enough to allow retards to attempt to review my old story, I decided to take it down. I honestly thought I did that already, ah well...I am human. By the way children, my reviews have nothing to do with Flame Rising or anyone else. I don't need inspiration to tell you idiots that you cannot do the simplest things in the English language. I am not "flaming" you, I am telling you the truth about how much you suck at writing. If you can't accept that truth, then too fucking bad.


Well, well, I am seeing more excuses from the idiots who claim to be writers and those who have fallen prey to the dreaded disease known as laziness. What is the cause?


Well children, here is some good news! Since far too many of you are too fucking stupid to use the brain you were blessed to be born with, I shall inform you of a spell check that is actually free of charge! In fact, you might be using the main program RIGHT NOW and not even realize it! So what is this amazing spell checker called??


That's right. The ever popular web browser that everyone should be using to surf the web has a built-in spell checker and not only does it have updates regularly, but you can get the dictionaries of other English speaking countries as well such as the UK, Australia, and Canada. Yes I know, resources are right in front of us and yet most idiots are never observant of something they use on a regular basis. Those annoying red lines under words are possible misspellings and they can be corrected or if the word is not in the dictionary, then it can be added (make sure the word is spelled right).

Open Office is a free Microsoft Office clone program, but the spell checker is very weak compared to Microsoft Office and even Firefox for that matter.

I already know that 90 percent of you break about every grammar rule known to man, so hit the links in my profile so you can actually write properly.

The A/N's where the "author", and I use that term very loosely, is talking to a Naruto character (more like talking to themselves):


Seriously, it is people. If you are so pathetic to be needing extra words for your story because you cannot think of any to add for a chapter, then take more time out for writing and then post. An A/N should only contain something of importance such as translations, reasons for being late (no more than 1-2 sentences), etc. Seeing a fucking Yahoo! or MSN-like chat before a story is a mood killer. There are other places for that sort of nonsense and its not here. Go to Livejournal for roleplaying for that shit, but keep that bullshit out of the fan fictions. I have noticed stories with those types of chats in them usually have less quality or they totally suck compared to those who do not do that. See the trend?


Just got another complaint from an "author" who claims I did not tell him what he was doing wrong. I guess people do not know how to interpret what they read anymore. If this person is from the United States, like I am, I do put some blame on the school system of today since it totally sucks. How any school can graduate a kid who cannot write a sentence properly; I will never know. Then again, when I see the majority of the "stories" here and elsewhere...

Why should I be surprised when someone younger than myself cannot use grammar and spelling?

Also, before you crybabies whine and bitch about what you most likely consider to be a FLAME, keep this in mind toddlers; it comes from this very website:

This site actually WANTS reviewers to critique what they read and tell the author what they are doing right and wrong. The WRONG must be addressed so it can be fixed. You see you lazy "writers," when someone goes off their rocker and gives you the 'FLAMES OF DEATH', it means that reviewer is sick of seeing the bullshit excuses other "authors" come up with when it comes to posting their stories. Shit like, "Oh I know my spelling is bad so don't put that in a review!" When you put up excuses, then you shouldn't write a damned thing. Please stop polluting this site until you get a GOOD beta reader (I stress the GOOD here since some betas are just as bad at their authors).

When you are doing something RIGHT, that will be told as well because you put in the effort to actually write a decent/good story. Very few of those stories exist on this site anymore, and fewer still get finished.

Also for Naruto fans looking for information about the series, check out Narutopedia! It has what you need in terms of names, jutsu, summons, places, etc.


I still read quite a few stories here, but the ratio of good stories to pieces of total shit is still pretty bad. On the other hand, I have seen some improvements among a few authors here and other than what I have already on my profile, I do have one more piece of advice:

Please stop using unnecessary words in your stories. There is no need to constantly repeat what the readers already know. I will leave reviews when I see this in fictions since all it does is boost the word count and it does not add anything positive to the story. If anything, it lowers the quality!


I just read Naruto manga 451 and I must totally agree with Danzo's decision. Sasuke is a TRAITOR, I do hope you all know what that means. Boo-hoo my parents and clan died, boo-hoo waaa waaaa, who cares? He still betrayed Konoha for power and thus he must be punished for his actions. Anything less than death is a slap on the wrist for his crimes. I wish Naruto and the others could understand that. Just because his name is Uchiha means squat when you go nukenin. He was a friend (sort of), that means squat too! He is a betrayer and like the rest of his clan, he should be killed.


It have been a while since I have updated my profile and I can assist with being a beta again. I still have health issues, but I can at least do that along with my job to pass the time.


In the Naruto manga, Kishimoto is shipping Naruto and Hinata, so those against that pairing need to get over it. Also, I am on PSN and Xbox (not as much) and if you want to play online with me, send me a PM and I will give you my PSN and Xbox handles. I am playing Resident Evil 6 to death right now and I love the game!

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