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Hey guys, Danow here.

I've been writing stories for about ten years now, since elementary school, but I'm quite new to the whole fan fiction scene. Hopefully you can get some enjoyment from my stories; I mostly write more romantic/drama stuff, so if that's your thing, I hope you'll give it a shot!

I love reading and responding to reviews, so feel free to leave one somewhere :) I began writing these simply to see how others viewed my writing, so any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

I also have my original fiction stories over on my FictionPress account, so you can head over there to see whatever worlds I can build from the ground-up xD or follow my on Twitter for updates, quips, or general ramblings.

-In Progress-
(Stories in bold are what I'm currently writing)


The Maiden and the Machine - My origin story

Days in the Life - Conglomeration of my OW 'fluff' tales; not meant to be updated on the regular, just whenever.


Slipping Into Shadow - Eldris/Cayssarin origin tale; might should catch up on 'Two Moons' before this.

--Legend of Zelda--

Wayward Savior - A unique take on the Gerudo of OoT. What if Ganondorf had to choose his destiny as much as Link had to?


Entangled Webs - My first superhero story, with my first ever superhero OC, in the Earth-65 world of Spider-Gwen!

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