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Update 6/27/2012

Just letting you all know that I am not dead. I'm currently having some rl issues that kind of keeps me from wanting to spend too much energy on things that don't result in a paycheck. So I haven't been all that inspired to write anything for awhile and I've tried but rl troubles have made me kind of look sideways at writing fanfiction right now. I won't let my stories die I WILL finish them if not all of them then at least Masquerade and Split. I will try my hardest to get a few chapters up before the summer is out because once school starts up again I can't make any promises. Thanks for sticking with me thus far and a great BIG thank you to all the new readers I've seen sprouting up. For those of you who are 18 I have a Inu/Sesh one shot posted on y!gal called Bastard that is fairly recent if you want to go check it out. I refuse to post it on here because it is just that explicit no real plot to tone it down. Again if you're not 18 don't even try to read it y! gallery's staff is very diligent when it comes to exposure to minors.


Update 6/08/2011

Hello again to all my old readers and new ones I just wanted to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for sticking with me throughout my stories and commenting or faving them both are loved equally. You guys don't know how much of a boost it is to get those alerts in my email. I just wanted to let you know that I am still working on Split and Masquerade I haven't abandoned those stories and won't until they are completely through. Again thanks for sticking it out with me through out the years (whew!)

Fanarts from my stories:

http:///view/774566/ ((Masquerade))

http:///view/765127/ ((Masquerade))

http:///view/772038/ ((Sweet Tooth))

http:///view/766530/ ((Sweet Tooth))

http:///gallery/#/d2awnix ((Sweet Tooth))

http:///gallery/#/d2al8s5 ((Sweet Tooth))

*all y-gallery submissions must be 18 to view. Sorry guys the site won't let you if you are under 18 and don't try and fake an account THEY WILL CATCH YOU!

So I've been noticing that Sweet Tooth keeps getting more and more popular but it's sequel less so. Sheesh I wonder why that is. It's just a little observation I've made...is it because people don't know where to find the sequel? Or even KNOW there is a sequel? I don't know, but never fear my fellow readers...the few of you guys I have left...I'm still working on Split. I haven't given up on it and I won't until it's done. So yeah. I guess what I'm saying is all you peeps faving and alerting me go check out Split!

Oh and if your 18 and over watch me over at y-gallery I'm updating with originals and fanfiction from over here but seriously don't join unless your 18() they WILL catch you if you're not. And if you're not 18 I have a deviant account you won't see the X-rated stuffs but you'll see pics of your favorite OC's with our boys Sessh and Inu!

Hello all! I am the one and only Angel of Androgyny!

I love to write and draw but lately I've been drawing a lot more than I am writing.

I've been on a somewhat hiatus but I have not stopped working on my stories. It's a mixture of a lot of reasons between college and some others. And then there's the writer's block.

Anyway's here are some other places that I've been posting:


(only go here if you're 18 please. Here I've mostly posted pictures and original stories.)


( there are pictures of the characters of Sweet Tooth here.)

I have an account on but I haven't updated it like I have here.

Okies now that is out of the way here is some bio stuff.

Bio Info:(updated 02/28/011)

K so this is for some of you guys that are wantin' to know a little bit about me.

Name: Most people on here just call me Angel

Birth stone: ruby

Gender: female

Um lets see I like yaoi(no duh) reading it writing it drawing it, tormenting my friends and my sister, being on the computer, reading other peoples fanfictions, reading in general,messing with my friend who doesn't like yaoi and the Sims.(yah I'm a total dork) I have recently taken a liking to going outside and taking pictures of trees...hmmm...don't ask why.


Angel:...How many numbers does amillion have?

Friend: What? What are you talking about?

Angel: Amillion...how many numbers are in it?

Friend:Well...it has six zeros why? And you know you are being totally random right now.

Angel:points at laptop Look at this.

Friend:What the-HOLY SHIT!

Angel: That's amillion right?

Friend:Dude...that's OVER amillion!


This is the dialouge that took place when I found out one of my Sweet Tooth has over amillion hits. I really did about pass out. I didn't know that many people were even ON ! So thank you all to those who have read and reviewed the story and especially those of you who continue to read it. Just wow. My head is still reeling.

Urmmm...Lets See Fav Pairings:

Sess/Inu (either one as seme)



Kyo/Yuki(either as seme)





Kagome/Sango(Just noticed this but Kagome is such a whore, people pair her with anybody xD)

Shigure/Tohru(only on Fridays...)

Ayame/that tailor girl assistant person whose name I
think is It

(I also just noticed something I like incestous pairings...xD Though NOT in real life!)

Fav anime and manga:

Angel Sanctuary, WJuliet, Loveless, La Esperanca, Tramps Like Us aka Kimi Wa Peto(an awesome show I suggest you watch it on youtube though it's not an anime), Bleach, Death Note, God Child, (Just about anything by Kaoiri Yuki really) Samurai Champloo(the BEST friggin anime evar besides yeah its the best),Fruits Basket, La Esperanca, Wallflower, Paradise Kisser...can't think of anything else right now...

Yeah..yeahI know it's weird to hate Inuyasha and write fanfiction about it but yeah that's how it is I absolutely HATE the anime I can tolerate the manga.

Fav poem: The Tiger by Willam Blake

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