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Joined Aug '16

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Star sign: Capriga (look into Extended Zodiac if curious)

Spirit Animal: Catowl

Favourite RPG type: Tank

Favourite colour: Orange or Indigo (and Black, but that's not a color)

Nationality: Sweden

Fictional physical trait I wish I had: Shark or shark like teeth (like Soul from Soul Eater)

Fandomes: Homestuck, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Avatar TLA and LOK, SNK/AOT, Black Butler, Sonic, Avengers, Problem Sleuth, MLP, FO:E, Fallout, Adventure Time, Naruto, RWBY, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, Ben 10, Zelda, Portal, Star Wars, Star Trek, SAO, Undertale, Danny Phantom, Ranma 1/2, Tokyo Ghoul, Overwatch, Overlord, One Peice, Bleach.(I have created OCs to more than 80% of these)

Hobbies: Reading Fanfiction (fuckin' duh). Thinking up concepts for different stories. Sharpening the nails on my right hand to be like claws. Drinking tea. Scaring people by sneaking up on them (what, I find it hilarious to scare people, especially their faces). Meditating. Sleeping.

Likes: Weird/Strange/Different/Uniqe People. People who use their gray matter for something more than keeping themselves alive. Crafting/Building things in general, like with wood. Drawing. Designing different characters (specifically my own OCs) and writing and creating different backgrounds for them. Puns, all the puns. Reading Fanfiction (again, fuckin' duh). Number 413. Chaos. Smart crazy people. Game/Film Theory. Anime. Lore of whatever story I enjoy (it can be game lore, story lore, anything that has some form of lore). Lore heavy games (like the Fallout series). References. Sprinting. Listening to music from either a series of some kind or internet music.

Dislikes: Unimaginative people. People who think that "normal" is a thing everyone should be. Dumb shits with less cognitive capacity than a rock. School (though it is a necessary evil in my opinion). Almost all vegetables except cucumber, carrots, certain mushrooms (does that count?), broccoli and spinnage. Homework. Racists. Reading non electronic books (with a few exceptions). Loud people. Headaches. I loath early mornings. People who are SUPER peppy in the morning (I swear, if you are ever like this around me in the morning, the chances of you getting stabbed is increased from 0% to 90% in 0,000000001 seconds)

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