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Light the Way Series

Book One

The Lost Light


The battle was lost... Belos has won. Still blaming herself, Luz goes back into the past on the day she left and prevents herself from ever going to the Demon Realm. Hoping she saved the lives she cherished in the Demon Realm, Luz doesn't anticipate that another person was nearby, just as lost as her, enter the Demon Realm. Another timeline is now set... but will it be the same as they blame themself much like Luz?

Chapters: 36/36(Complete)

The Owl House

Book Two

Return the Light


The Timeline has been reset again, Collector's wish granted. Will the Boiling Isles be able to handle both Luz and Danielle? Can Eda handle not just one teen but both teens this time? Will Danielle be able to see her mom by the end of it? Will Belos finally be taken down? Will everyone get a happily ever after?

Chapters: ?/?

The Owl House

Possible Book Three and Book Four

The Owl House/Rising of the Shield Hero (Sequel)

The Owl House- Danielle’s Childhood up to Teenager (Prequel)

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