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Heya! This is AJ from The Needless Lobsters fanfiction account! Here I'll just be saving all of the stories I enjoy reading, just so that it's easier for me to keep up with them.

Please feel free to pm me with any prompt ideas you want me to write on The Needless Lobsters - I'm totally open to any for Percy Jackson & Alex Rider (and possibly NCIS too if you specify that it's either pre-season 11 or post-season 13; only Tiva will be written for post-season 13, though) - or on andipxndy-writes, my tumblr writing blog (where I tend to post more original things such as stories from roleplaying, but am totally up to posting fanfics too because I've written a couple on there).

Feel free to visit my AO3 account! It's andipxndy! This is where I post some of my writings from The Needless Lobsters - generally those which are part of a series so that I can keep my stories together more easily.

Here are some of my other blogs on tumblr: andipxndy / allie-jayne-leister (my roleplay account, which I'm on more often than my personal tbh)

Feel free to follow me and contact me on those too!

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