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Eowyn the Flamer or CCer PM
Joined May '05

My username = because you can see my reviews as flames or CC. I prefer to think of them as CC, but obviously you may not share the same view.

I'm not writing stories on this account because if I review you, you'll be all "OMGZ MY STORY'S L1KE BETTER THAN YOURS OMG OMG OMG OMG nervousbreakdown" which'll give me a good laugh, but it'll be really annoying.

A response to a review I gave:

'First off, do not pay any attention to that twit of a person who just flamed you. Damn! I hate people who do that, and they should be banned. Just so you know, she has no stories posted, and only flames people. She is a nobody, and I really hope you will not pay (more) attention to her. Fanfiction is about expressing yourself, and being creative.'

Yeah, and it's also about sparing people's eyes.

But one person told me, not so nicely, that I should leave some contact information. Which I will do. My email is posted; email me if you have complaints.

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