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Television, reading and I have been a threesome for most of my life. I loved to read under the covers all night long- I am still a night owl!

I am a scientist and educator so science fiction and mass communication are air and water to me. I entered fandom in response to Star Trek, the original series that made its debut when I was in high school. Fan-fiction in those days was carbon copied, mimeo-ed, and very expensive to produce and mail. When the first conventions happened, we were blown away by the realization that other beings were as touched by the show as we were. I remember watching episodes in a dark hall at the Hilton with some of the original cast members. It was the first time they had seen the effect their show had on people; they were stunned when they realized fans had taken the writing and acting to heart- that they had been part of phenomenon that transformed real-life futures! Some thought the fans were kooks, crazy losers; until the fans grew up to be scientists and engineers, teachers and professional authors.

I had pen pals from all over the world, touched by the same show- we shared common ideals and dreamed common dreams. It was heady, powerful stuff, and we put our money where our mouths were. I went to Star Trek conventions, Zebra Con, World Con, writers’ workshops all over the US; one fan from Alaska agreed to meet me from Vermont at a convention in Kalamazoo, Michigan! My Trek friends remain dear to me. Trek fandom opened eyes everywhere.

The internet made fan-fiction for other genres available to as many people as had access to electricity! I have been active in other fandoms: McGyver, Walker Texas Ranger, CSI, Numbers, Jag, are shows that have drawn my attention and fan participation. Because of my busy schedule, I rarely have time to polish my own stories for publication, but true to an educator’s heart, I can’t resist being an avid coach- writing many reviews to authors.

I deeply appreciate the efforts and courage it takes for new writers and old to share their fantasies with the world. I also thank the folks that sponsor and maintain this site and others that allow fans to post and receive feedback regarding their work. We live in amazing times.

I currently reside in Southern California, though the home of my heart is in Northern Vermont. I am single. My sons are adults; the elder an Air Force veteran and now PhD candidate at Harvard. The other recently on the mend and retired from active duty and deployment with the US Army. I proudly support the men and women who serve by putting their lives on the line to protect others (and that includes law enforcement and fire fighters).

I took care of my mom for 8 years; she passed away age 103, in Feb 2011. Fanfiction is really helpful when I can't sleep. I am still rehabbing a 4 disc spinal fusion that propelled me into the ranks of the retired and unemployed. It looks like God is clearing my excuses and obligations out of the way so I return to school for MATM, a masters in theology and ministry. I am drawn to chaplaincy for those isolated by age, declining health, disaster and hospice. The senior population is particularly in need. I also support Scouting.

I love science and geeks!

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