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Captain Cheshire PM
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Joined Aug '16

Hello, my little privates. I'm the Captain, like Captain America, but less America and more Cheshire.

My true love is the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, in case you were wondering. We're one and the same.

Fanfiction has been my life for a few years now, and I'm still working the guts to start publishing!

My main fandoms are Warriors, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Sherlock, Supernatural, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Harry Potter and anything else geeky like that.

My OTPs (let's face it, you can't have just one) are LeafxCrow, Ten & Rose, Nine & Rose, Eleven & River, Twelve & River, Percabeth, Caleo, Jasper, Solangelo, Sherlolly, etc etc...

My love for all my privates.



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