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Joined Aug '16, Austria

Welcome the name is Paradox four

i know something about you first

1 you have a mouth

2 you are a sentient being or a cat

3 You live in this world

4 You know how to read

6 you forgot 5

7 you checked if you forgot 5

8 you’re laughing because you know everyone else checked if they forgot 5

9 you like fanfics

10 you finished reading this

If you think you know in me irl then good You're less likely to be Ignored I have discord obsi because I was a big Steven universe fan.

If you guess the gem Stone you won the trophy for being smarter then the average YouTube comment section replies.

I'm like a fandom lich immortal but the worst Thing you will meet until you have a Boy/Girl/other/unicorn and have to meet their parents.

I have ego that is harder to break then a batman fan logic of saying "BECAUSE HIS BATMAN!" Whenever askes why he would win.

I have a wattpad which is like a testing ground for my chapters to see which one sticks before they get spell checked.

I have been part of most fandoms since I was 5 the first being the Og transformers and ducktales, if you ask which first I will say I can't remember and I was Born on 1999,11,14 so try figuring out how I got into ducktales and transformers.

I'm an introvert and afraid of People screaming at me so that's why I don't talk to People and Chat like this.

The fandoms I am apart of god that's list that might never end:

My life as a teenage Robot.
Naruto. (Anime)
Avater the last air bender (I wished Google would stop showing me smurf Avatar instead.)
Danny Phantom.
fairly odd parents.
Star vs the Forces of evil.
camp camp
Samurai jack. Jack from from the past- Sorry the theme song is too good
Baymax (the series)
Black clover
yugioh (the Card game)

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