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I like reading a lot. HPFF give me a lot to read. Both amazing and terrible stories. I will recommend here mainly finished stories.


Just read everything by Colubrina especially The Green Girl and Rebuilding. But everything is amazing.

Really fun, silly and smutty story: The Bespoke Witch

Less fun (as in less silly fun) more drama still exceptionnal: ShayaLonnie the stories The Debt of Time and Presque Toujours Pur are must reads.

Excellentissime Hr/SB X Time travel fic: One-Hundred-and-Sixty-Nine

Less drama more adventure still a romance: An original take on a Fleur/Harry relationship A Cadmean Victory

The temple of the "what happens after DH" slice of life: little0bird writings. It's like your favorite soap opera in the HPverse.

Vox Corporis my favourite take on the H/Hr animagi thingy

Time Heals All Wounds if you ever wanted to read Hr/Bella, read this


If you like darkish universes everything by Silently Watches I'd put his Black Queen series as must reads if not for their very violent themes. It begins here Princess of the Blacks . If you want more tame stories Faery Heroes is a great start. If you have read the Coronation of the Black Queen I really like this one-shot Queen of the Blacks - The Choice

In a more light genre White Squirrel writings are a tons of fun. A lot of one-shots are hilarious. Heap Coals of Fire on His Head and Petrification Proliferation especially. His main series (The Arithmancer and The Accidental Animagus) are good reads but still under parution (Regularly updated though).

The 7th year from inside HW: Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness it's really good.

jbern To Fight The Coming Darkness is a favorite of mine regarding the marriage-law fics. His other stories are also recommended.

I can't not recommend A Black Comedy by nonjon. This is a classic.

Tame AUs (Essentially following the books):

The Long Game This story is still under parution but is sosososososo good.

Really good take on the Fem!Harry trope: Mary Potter

Patron by Starfox5. A must read IMHO. The way the magical world breath in this story is amazing. Really original for the potterverse are developped too making it an unique experience. Other works are really good too.

Wild AUs:

Firebird's Son: Book I of the Firebird Trilogy by Darth Marrs is the most impressive bit of AU I've ever read. It is amazingly good. However the story is so much AU that you won't recognize the potterverse. It is so much worth it though.

The Pureblood Pretense series. murkybluematter work interest relies in his characters. Pansy, Draco, Hariett, Rigel, Snape, etc. Everyone is very well developped, attaching, intriguing, original in their developments. The world is unique while tacking under it's wing some clichés from HPFF. I am lacking in eloquence to explain how good this is. That Pansy though ... Best Pansy ever.

Inverarity Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle series are an amazing take on the US wizarding world. Hogwarts Houses Divided is also exceptionnal.

Not so recommended but still good or under parution/incomplete:

With Strength of Steel Wings and Blindness are only here because they aren't complete stories. AngelaStarCat are showing mindblowing magical systems, tortured characters and really strong stories.

Forging the Sword another really good story. I love the questions that are raised regarding the HPverse throughout the story. The character development (especially Ron) are really interesting to see.

I have huge issues with how robst is writting part of his stories. But it is still really enjoyable on a whole. You're my Density and Souls Abound are less prone to the faults IIRC. If you like what you are reading read other stories before giving a try to Harry Crow. This story condensate all the robsteries.

This story doesn't make much sense, is incomplete and has some really weird moments. I still love it. Holly Evans and the Spiral Path I really do recommend reading Spiral Tangents alongside the story as a lot of character development can be found there. If you can't stand the smut just skip it.

Philosophize works starting with Yule Ball Panic. I like it. But objectively it's not really well written. If you can ignore it the story is interesting and develop the universe in original ways.

This profile is just a really extensive list of pet peeves, it's hilarious the number of holes it covers: ARedHair

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