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My name is Stephanie, and "rainbow" is for my far-reaching and often shifting tastes in fanfic categories. I also happen to like rainbows and Stevie Nicks. You can just call me "RS."

My interest in fic - both reading and writing it - tends to come and go in boom/bust cycles. One day I will be voraciously wrapped up in it, and then I'll abruptly disappear for months or years on end. I've been here all my writing life, so anything I complete will most likely still be posted here, but I've largely defected to my Livejournal under the same username (no spaces), where most of my efforts these days go into episode reviews. I like to think they're almost as much fun, if briefer in relevance.

Feel free to leave a review on any of my stories you like, no matter how long ago they were published. I have a relatively small body of work, so 'most everything is still near and dear to my heart, and I love hearing that brand-new readers have stumbled across the old things. I try to reply to thoughtful reviews, but I also have a tendency to procrastinate until I forget things, so don't take it personally.

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