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I'm 43, and I love children's books. There, I said it. Don't judge.

My first love is Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain, a series loosely based on Welsh mythology, unfairly doomed to the lowest shelves of libraries and bookstores despite being critically acclaimed and Newberry-award winning. Most of my work centers around Eilonwy, exploring her growth and development both in herself and in her relationships with the other characters.

I have been interpreting the first book as a graphic novel for several years. It can be found at the website title thebookofthree.thecomicseries

For Prydain fans curious about the "correct" order to read my work, there really isn't one. I have written randomly throughout the series, and my oldest material is not always consistent in character development or extra-canon detail with my new. However, here is a list that comprises my suggested reading, in chronological order:

1) Daughter of the Sea (novel-length prequel about Eilonwy's parents and the fall of Llyr)

2) Sunrise (novel-length rewrite of The Book of Three, with Eilonwy as protagonist)

3) Golden Circle (four short stories set between the first two novels in the series

4) Single Wild Ember (in-progress, novel-length rewrite of The Black Cauldron, with Eilonwy as protagonist)

5)Reminiscence (short story set just prior to The High King)

6) While We're Waiting (short story set at the beginning of The High King)

7)Opening Doors (short story set just after the battle at Smoit's castle in The High King).

8)Resolution (short story set just before the battle at Caer Dathyl in The High King)

9) Completion (short story set just after the battle at Caer Dathyl in The High King)

10) One More Day (short story set on the last full day depicted in The High King)

11) Tangled Up Whole (short story set immediately post-series)

12) Hundreds of Words is a drabble collection that jumps around all over the place, and I highly recommend it as a thorough sampling of my style and theming via bite-size stories.

As for the rest, they are all still worth reading, but not totally consistent with my headcanon any longer. In particular, Princess Diaries, being my first and oldest story, holds material that is no longer relevant and this time period will eventually be covered in my rewrites of the series. It remains posted for nostalgia's sake, and certainly can be read, but I have no plans to resurrect and finish it.

Happy Wandering, friends!

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