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Name: Mark

Age: 26 (As of 2020)

I have been writing since my teens, though ive mostly avoided fanfiction until a Walking Worm woke my muse from a decade long hibernation. I write mostly to drain my muse, and i am not a professional, that said id like to think i get spelling and grammar mostly correct. its definitely legible if nothing else.

when im not writing, im mostly reading fanfiction or playing video games. Unfortunately im stuck with pc gaming when there are games on other systems i want to play but i get by

Favorite Games: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Far Cry, Deus Ex, Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, Just Cause, Subnautica/Subnautica Below Zero, Dying Light, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Pokemon pre-Sun/Moon.

Favorite Anime: DBZ, Code Geass, Naruto, Bleach, Lucky Star, SAO (I preferred the Light Novels to be honest), Familiar of Zero. if its roughly pre-One Punch Man but post 1998 or so and was popular i probably liked it along with some more obscure ones.

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter, Wheel of Time, Mortal Instruments pre-City of Lost Souls (I lost interest after lost souls, and remember not enjoying it) Inheritance Cycle, World War Z, and likely a bunch more that havent come to mind.

So ive got a few different challenge prompts for you guys, i will work on some of these myself but i genuinely want to see what others can do with them.


Solomon (Nasuverse) in Fairy Tail

SI or Crossover (Preferably SI)

Recognizes Natsu as a demon, awakening END early or allowing Natsu to use ENDs abilities.

Pairing with Demon Take-over mage, (Preferably Mira)

I dont have too much of an idea on where to go besides that so surprise me.

Nicolas Flamel or Paracelsus (Nasuverse) in Full Metal Alchemist


not much direction here either, just think it would be neat.

Also something that would be interesting would be Solomon in Supernatural, Buffy, Highschool DxD, really any world where demons run amok.

Omnipotent Being's Multiversal Shenanigans Challenge:

The basic idea is a naive nigh omnipotent being (OC or Canon Character) travels through the multiverse and bumbles into situations for better or worse.

Definitely has to be at least semi-crack.

Snippet fic 500-1000 word chapters.

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