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I'm a major Doctor Who (10 & 11 are my faves), & Torchwood fan. Love Jack & Ianto - hate what CoE did to my favourite OTP. Here mainly to read Janto fanfic, love anything that ignores Tosh/Owen deaths, and CoE fixits.

Am also absolutely loving all the AU Janto stories where they live in a 'verse where aliens / immortality do not exist and we get to see them living normal lives.

i am currently addicted to Awatere11's Walter 'verse & Lolly 'verse stories. If you love Janto OTP suggest you check them out.

It's also fun to read movie/TV fanfics that are given the Torchwood touch, have read quite a few so far.

Also looking for any other fun movie/TV fanfics to read. Have recently found some Hawaii Five-O & Forever fics that have been fun to read.

So wish I was able to contribute to this site, but I do not have the writing talent. Will maybe give it a try later this year, & see how it goes. But no promises.

In the meantime I will just enjoy reading the wonderful stories, that the brilliant writers on here come up with.

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