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Name: xSteleAliniax (Stele, for short!) (ISFJ)

Gender: Female

Age: 20's

Other Accts: Archive of Our Own (AO3, under the same name); Wattpad (Same name); and Twitter

My Interests/About Me:

(Update: 10/22/19) Hello, old and new friends!! Here's a small little update for you guys! Not too much has happened since the last update but there have been a few changes!

So... I've been writing fanfiction on here for a few years now. When all of this began, I never thought that I would have the amount of support and encouragement that I have now. It's really amazing to me how much you guys genuinely care about the stories I put out. I love seeing new faces, but what really amazes me is those of you who read almost every single thing I put out. I see so many familiar readers on new stories and it just melts my heart with joy! You all give me so much encouragement to keep going and put more stories out.

I know a lot of you are here for my Twist of Fate series and have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Maybe some of you have given up hope that I will ever update, but I promise you all that I am still working on the story and I WILL see it to the end. TOF will continue! I love this story so much and never wanted to go this long without updating. I apologize for the wait!

Besides writing fanfiction, I also really love to read. I love books in general; I have so many stacked all over my room, it's not even funny! I love to collect them. I haven't been reading AS MUCH since I started writing, but I do still read on occasion (though honestly I spend more time reading fanfiction than actual books lately)! I also enjoy gaming. I'm not a huge gamer, but I do like to immerse myself into the digital world just as I would in the literary world. I don't spend too much time gaming, but it's still something I enjoy. Some of my favorite games (PS4) are:

Crash Bandicoot

Beyond Two Souls

Detroit Become Human

Uncharted 4

Those are what I've been playing lately, though I have other favorites on game systems that I no longer own, to include:

Harry Potter 1-3 (PS)

Spyro the Dragon 1-2 (PS)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (PS2)

If it's not obvious, I'm a PlayStation girl, not XBOX. I also like The Sims and Minecraft, both PC versions.

I have been getting out a lot more since I changed cities and trying to come out of my introverted shell! I still don't know too many new people, but I make an effort to go out once in a while and do something fun, and I always converse with people when I do. You guys can't tell, but I've come such a long way in this! I used to just hole up in my room and not talk to anyone, and when I would go out I would be too afraid to start conversations with others.

I'M ON AO3 NOW! For those of you wondering if I have works on other fanficiton sites, I DO! I have been in the process of moving over some things from FF to AO3, but nothing new will be posted over there that doesn't go on here as well (that I know of anyway). If I do decide to make something an Archive exclusive story, I will let you guys know. My AO3 account is under the SAME name and will have the SAME stories, to clarify.


yellowchikadee—my bestie IRL, and a fantastic writer.

Mint, Chocolate, and Strawberry: A one-shot based off my multi-chapter fic, Twist of Fate.

MorriganFae—Friend, and fellow co-writer on FTH (chapters 25 and continuing).

Grizzly98—Also a good friend, and fellow co-writer.

My Favs/Anime:

Fairy Tail

Black Clover

Sword Art Online

Classroom of the Elite

Vampire Knight

Death Note

Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero

Fruits Basket

Your Lie in April


Dr. Stone

(Maybe a few others!)

My Favs/Manga:

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Zero

Vampire Knight

One Week Friend

A Silent Voice


Don't Deny Me — Every Friday Morning!

—A sort of extended version of In Denial that fleshes out Aisla and Katsuki's story more thoroughly.

Twist of Fate - REVAMP IN PROGRESS — New chapters coming soon!

-A vampire AU in which Lucy is the vampire queen and Natsu is a human prisoner.

A New Kind of Fairy Tale - Temporary hiatus.

-A super cute and fluffy family fic that's sure to leave you will all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Fairy Tail High - Temporary hiatus.

-A high school AU with a twist.

Morning Sickness or Flu? - A one-shot, turned two-shot that I plan on making into a short story eventually—when I have more time and/or inspiration.

-A Jerza family fic, though this one is more on the humorous side than the fluffy side XD This was a one-shot that you guys requested that I expand on, hence the sporadic updates.

One-Shots: When inspiration calls and a scene can be written, I will post for you! Lately... inspiration hasn't been very active for one-shots, sorry!

Three-Shots: Sporadically updated for special occasions (i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). Sometimes might be two or four, depending on the length of the scene. And when I do those I post them all in as many days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

-A Birthday Surprise (Four)

-A Fairy Tail Thanksgiving (Three)

-A Fairy Tail Christmas (Three)


-Twelve Days of Christmas (W/Grizzly98) A Nalu Christmas special on Grizz's account (2016 co-story).


A Birthday Surprise, A Fairy Tail Thanksgiving, and A Fairy Tail Christmas are companion fics.

One Fiery Encounter and Marry Me are companion fics.

Fairy Tail Halloween Dance is a one-shot companion to Fairy Tail High.

Battle of Seduction is a one-shot companion to A New Kind of Fairy Tale.


Twist of Fate REVAMP (2021)

—As the title says, it's being revamped. New chapters plus updated content coming soon!

Caught Between Fire and Ice (TBA)

—A sexy LuGraTsu fic—that's all you get to know for now XD

[If you want to beta for any of these fics, please shoot me a PM and we can chat!]

Why "SteleAlinia?": Stele Alinia translates, roughly, to "the stars align," in Romanian. I've always been fascinated by the Romanian language, and have always found this particular translation to be quite lovely!

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