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Welcome, to the Age of Trolls. The Age of Information had long since died off with the rise of internet, and subsequently, the MMO genre. So troll on!

Who: A guy in CA.

What: A guy... need more explanation? Fine. A male speciman of the Homo Sapien that is currently in college.

Where: Told you, in CA. What else do you want? I am in CA, in US, on the planet Earth, in the Solar System, which is located in the Milky Way, which is located somewhere in the seemly vast and endless universe XD!!

When: Huh... O_O?

Why: Here for entertainment and relaxation.

How: again, huh O_O?

Favorite Male Character: Master Chief John-117 (he's kick ass, bad ass, and 7 feet tall, 'nough said), Dante (self-explanatory), Naruto (fun to watch...), Vash (from Trigun. Watch it and it'll be pretty clear why), and Morisato Keiichi (because... well, i just like him).

Favorite Female Character: Daimakaicho Hild (she's awesome... drool), Serina (an AI from Halo Wars, extremely smart, has a dry sense of humor, and sarcastic to the point of epic kick ass proportion... who doesn't love a sarcastic AI?), Haruko (from FLCL... need more ?), Belldanby (way too kind, but it's her kindness and seemly innocent nature that's attractive), Robin (from One-Piece, whose story is the most interesting i'd find from the entire Strawhat), and Poison Ivy (well, what can i say?).

By the way... My authentic japanese name is 山下 Yamashita (under the mountain) 大輝 Taiki (large radiance) 照 Teru (illuminate).
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Created with http:/// and Monkey's http:///widgets/toys/namegen/ Generator Generator. Just kidding. I don't really know, but it's interesting. The middle one is if I added my last name in it. The first one works with both tries (w/out and w/ my last name added).

My Egyptian Name is Badrun (born during the full moon).
http:///widgets/toys/namegen/1580. LOL, it's really fun for some reason...

My Your Hogwarts name is: is Dedalus Lestrange.
http:///widgets/toys/namegen/6983. Whoopie! I'm evil XD... NOT!

Story status:

Sand Baby: Um...

My Unique Caretaker: Considering rewrite...

The Jailor: the Awakening: WORK IN PROGRESS!! ...Contemplating rewrites.

A Kitsune's Blessing: Well... like mentioned in the actual article, it is an experiment, and even if I do plan to continue it, the update will be extremely SLOW. The idea however is up for adoption should anyone wants to give it a try.

Strength: Work in progress...

The Unknown Number: Discontinued.

For those interested, here the link for a friend's deviantart: .

Idea Corners:

Naruto Chronicle: Multi-verse is not a myth. Parallel worlds exist, and in them, the concept of NARUTO is but one constant; a consistent idea that a person named Naruto will always exist. Whether that existence is of the good, the bad, or just somewhere in between is entirely up to said individual.

A series of one-shot and or shorts that give an example of each separate existence that is NARUTO. He can be bad, he can be good, or she can be totally overkill in a non-lethal manner: by being the best MILF imaginable. May include crossovers.

Project Re-Incarnation: Through death, there is life. Various stories or crossovers that feature a hero/heroine (or even villains) reincarnated into a different world, thus leading different lives and doing different things. Mostly short things that won't go past five chapters and simply play with ideas and possible crossovers. The multi-verse is large, and everything is possible.

There are 3 pathways.

Path 1: Full-on charge - Super powers and the like, be it aliens, dimension jumpers, or just plain epic overkill. The hero/heroine/villain was born in a world where magic may be real, or tangling with the supernatural is daily business, or drinking tea with a gap hag is just pleasantry.

I.e. Fairy Tail.

Path 2: Semi-exposure - Strange things and dreams, but never fully involved with the secrets behind the veil. The reincarnated is normal, but may run into strange things or have strange dreams. The supernatural may still affect their lives, but things will stay mostly behind the scene.

I.e. Bakemonogatari.

Path 3: Ordinary Bliss - No supernatural ever existed. Nothing out of the ordinary is real: no magic, no occults, no demons or angels, and certainly no Gods. Alien life form is up for debate, and life is just day-to-day drama. They will live their lives like ordinary people, searching for their dreams.

I.e. Amagami.

Project WTR: "Welcome to These Realities"; the starting point that branches out to the many, MANY other alternate universe due to the occurrence of a cosmic accident. Through that a blonde haired, whiskered boy doomed to greatness once more cement his thick-headedness if nothing else, to the point that in one future alternate reality he became the Aspect of Change and in another he shove a golden boot up a being of... Power That Be.

Be it having the very foundation of his existence rip to tiny shred and morphed into crystal-like objects or trading the chakra for something else, one of him in the new realities that sprang up from the remains of his old one will have done it. From obtaining power that rival the very creation itself to being demoted to doing nothing but cook for the rest of his life, the boy who is doomed for greatness (either metaphorical or otherwise) will have done it. From marrying an Eldritch Abomination to teaching little girls how to define "total annihilation," he probably has done it.

In short, you name it, then one of him somewhere in those newly made realities will have done it. And all it took was for a cosmic accident to shred his old reality up!

Note: NOT A CONTINUOUS SERIES, but rather a series of xover STORIES that all sprang up from ONE starting point. Where it proceed after is up to author/authors that decides to utilize the idea.

Challenge: I give you an idea, you give me a story to read. It is that simple.

Naruto-Inuyasha xover: There are plenty of this type of story, some registered in xover section and other in regular section. However, all most all of them take place in the Naruto-verse, and rarely is there one that take place in the Inuyasha-verse. So to see what people can come up with as well as hoping for a good cross-dimensional story, I issue this challenge to all interested.

Summary: When Naruto somehow triumphed against Uchiha Madara, he expects to live a relatively peaceful life, or as peaceful as a seventeen years old ANBU who happens to be the son of the Yondaime can. What he didn't expect is to fall down a well, ended up in an entirely new world, and having to save the world from a power-hungry maniac... again. Except this time, he has to do it with a teenage girl "miko," a grumpy half-demon, a perverted monk, a way-too-serious demon hunter, and a kitsune kit that refuses to call him anything else but "Kyuubi-sama." Oh, and did he mention that they're hunting some jewel shards that gives him electrocution worthy of execution every time he touched it instead of nine all-powerful bijuu? He didn't? Oh well, now you know just how messed up things are.

Naruto-One Piece xover: All crossover I'd seen have Naruto participating in the canon one way or another. What if, just what if for once he works behind the scene as an agent of the World Government who isn't really doing his job? After all, the Marines aren't always the good guys and the Pirates aren't always the bad guys.

Naruto: When he signed up for this training trip, he was expecting many things. He was definitely not expecting to be tossed head first into the world of the supernatural, tangoing with magic, spirits, demons, angels, gods, and the chaos that come with them. He did not even want to talk about his sudden gender-bending tenant. It has to be Jiraiya's fault! Pseudo (not really)-crossover.

Naruto-Touhou: It was an honest accident, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, when said accident involve pulling someone into Gensoukyou and then splitting him into his basic virtue... Well, that's a problem.

Naruto-Zero no Tsukaima: It isn't her fault that she is curious about magic. It isn't her fault that she wants something like a trusty familiar. It isn't her fault that she somehow finds a wand lying around and just decides to give the familiar summoning charm a test drive. It CERTAINLY isn't her fault that it surprisingly worked, and out poof a blonde hair, blue eyes man with whisker-like marks that not only molested her (though it's probably unintentional), but also threatened her! The Queen of Tristain! Henrietta De Tristain will not stand for this! ...although it may be her fault for being selfish and keeping him anyway...? After all, familiar are said to be loyal to a fault...- Umm... summary indicated all that is entitled. Although this is mainly focusing on the loneliness that Henrietta feels as a queen. Let's face it, even with her friends and close associates, there is always this barrier that separates them somehow. A little research here and there, plenty of reference back to the story, and lots of creativity might turn this into something fun to write... well, maybe. It's still bouncing around for now.

Naruto: Meet Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, Samurai, Fire Lord's personal Guard, ramen addict, clumsy pacifist, and the Fire Lord's granddaughter's personal errand boy with said girl being nothing more than 8 years old... Wait what? - No specific about what i plan to do with this... just a really, REALLY strange idea...

Naruto-Halo xover: Years before Harvest, a colony's excavation team dug up something when they were searching for raw materials. What was dug up was kept top secret and extremely classified. A year before the glassing of Harvest, a mysterious scientist, Uzumaki Naruto, armed with his custom built smart AI Sakura appears on the scene. A few month before the event of the first Halo, Usumaki Naruto is now a scientist on the scale of Dr. Halsey and serving under Commander Keyes (the father), but just who is Uzumaki Naruto? Better yet, WHAT is he? - Story focus on Naruto and how his presence changed the outcome of Halo (and the following 2 and 3 if so desired...). Up for adoption if people are interested because i don't have enough Halo info to do it... yet.

Naruto-Ah! My Goddess xover: Naruto, First Class Demon, Special Duty, Unlimited, was just minding his own business when Hild send him into the house of one Morisato Megumi without further instruction, just a simple "DO IT!! (accompanied by her usual chibi-fied Daimokaicho awesome- and fearsomeness)" Then next thing he knows, he has Mara pestering him, three Goddesses breathing down his neck (...well, technically it's just two, because one of them is too damned kind, three if you count Peorth but not Belldandy...), a robot that keep hounding his ass, and a cat that simply pissed him off to no end... What did Hild-sama wants anyway? - Can begin anyway in the AMG universe, gradually working in why Naruto become a demon and eventually focus on how his presense affect the AMG universe. Up for adoption.

Story(-ies) that I hope happens:

Currently none at the moment...

Random questions for APH!
What must you never do to a vampire? Especially a vampiress?
Answer: Ask them to cosplay... the result will be a long and painful death =.=
Question: What do you do when a voice starts talking to you in your head?
Answer: Ignore it and hope by God that you don't kill yourself anytime soon =.=
Question: If you can have any super power, what power will you pick?
Answer: Walk through objects... doors are so troublesome sometimes =.=
Question: If there is one thing you can change about yourself, what will that be?
Answer: One thing...? Now why would i do that =.=?
Question: What do you plan to do for the summer?
Answer: ...survive... the... frgging... heat... @
Question: If you can go into the universe of any anime, which one will you go and why?
Answer: I'll probably go to the universe of Rozen Maiden to kidnap Suisei Seki... SHE'S SO CUTE-DESU!! (Scream like a school girl)
Question: Do you believe in ghost?
Answer: I believe in supernatural beings. After all, somethings are just simply without explanation... I simply hope i never meet any. =.="'
Question: If you suddenly become one of the richest people in the world, what's the first thing you'll do?
Answer: Buy the best gaming PC money can buy and play until my hands ache. XD ...that, or put it into a saving account...
Question: If you were told that you're the only hope to save the world, what would you do?
Answer: Beat the person who told me that up first, find the bad guy, beat him or them up while saving the world in the process, then beat the person who told me again. =.=
Question: If you discover that someone famous is a long lost relative of yours, what would you do?
Answer: ...You know, i really don't know. I'll probably still trying to figure out if that's real or a lie... even after a few month. =.=
Question: What is the one thing that you wanted to learn the most (besides the opposite sex)?
Answer: Kung Fu... and if not, then how to cook like a professional.
Question: If you were suddenly dumped into another universe, where magic and mystical creatures are everyday things, what would you do?
Answer: Make the best of it... and if possible, become epic badass in magic.
Question: If some unknown relative suddenly died, and you happen to be the next in line for his/her inheritance, which turns out to be a lot of money, a large mansion, lots of servant, and this hot, beautify, and extremely sexy girl who is suppose to be ur secretary... what would you do?
Answer: ...Wait, repeat that. My brain is trying to avoid a meltdown... @

Eight Celestial Gates (don't ask why...). What I have right now is Initial, Heal, Life, Wound, Forest, View, Wonder, and Death.

Translation in Japanese: Kaimun, Kyumun, Seimun, Shomun, Komun, Keimun, Kyomun, and Shimun (hope they're spelled right.)

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