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25/12/2011: Merry Christmas! It's taken me about 6 months since I last updated my profile but I finally have something new. Funnily enough though, it's not one of the ones I've been working on. After I found my best friend, sandsofpatience, her Christmas present, I thought "I know what else I could do! She loves Merthur fanfic so why not write her one?". This was just a thought more than anything because if I couldn't think of a good enough idea, I was going to forget about it. Then I got the basic idea of Morning Excusues, brooded over it, wrote it and edited it as best I could in the short amount of time I had (a little over a week). Considering I wanted it done for today, I'm relatively pleased as to how it turned out especially since I don't usually write plain fluff (or slash for that matter). So hopefully this is a good sign and will help me to actually finish and post some of my other stuff.

Name: Just call me Stef.

Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to not give a damn

Favourite movies: As my username suggests anything fantasy but also sci-fi (like Serenity). Others include School of Rock, Disney (The Lion King is my all time favourite), Bridge to Terrabithia, Sweeney Todd, Laybrinith, the Princess Bride, the Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog and anything by Team Starkid to name a few.

Favourite TV shows: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Moonlight, Heroes, Bones, Castle, Chuck, Firefly, Farscape, Glee, Merlin are what I can think of off the top of my head. Again my tastes are along the sci-fi/fantasy although I'm also partial to some anime/cartoons like Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist and Stickin' Around. There are others which I've watched infrequently and really want to see more of like Buffy, Angel, the many Stargates and V but I really don't have the time for. I probably watch too much as it is.

Favourite novels: Ditto on what I've said about my username. So ones like Eregon, Harry Potter (of course) and Stardust. Also some humorous like the Bunny Suicide books by Andy Riley and I Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard by Tom Reynolds and very occasionally, gothic and romance. Also manga and other graphic novels like Scott Pilgrim and the Sandman series. Usually though, it would be a mix of many genres not purely fantasy or sci-fi or if it takes my fancy. Like above, there's lots I want to read the main stuff being Terry Pratchett, Tamora Pierce and some classic sci-fi like Geroge Orwell.

Favourite Authors: Currently Garth Nix is my all time and reciently I've been getting into Neil Gaiman's Sandman however, there are many others which I currently can't be bothered listing and many more on my to read list.

Favourite artist/band: Evanescence was my first and will always be a favourite. In general, I'll be willing to listen to most generes but as with most things, it depends on my moods. I also like parody artists which are on the . (they've been somewhat of an inspiration for the various song parodies I've done) as well as Team Starkid's musicals.

Ships I read and/or follow:

Doctor (9/10/10.5)/Rose [Doctor Who]

Chuck/Sarah [Chuck]

Casket (Castle/Becket) [Castle]

Booth/Bones [Bones]

Rocketshipping (Jessie/James) [Pokemon] (And isn't this just an awesome name? xD. I've joined like 10 years too late haha...)

Draco/Hermione [Harry Potter]. (Helped along by Team Starkid). I also read all the cannon stuff like Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione too.

Other fandoms to be listed when I eventually get some more stories up here and when I can be bothered. Mainly I've just watched/read way too much stuff to keep up in all fandoms.

Current obsessions: Maybe because Moffat is now the head writer, I've found that Doctor Who has taken a backseat. I'm still following it along with Castle, Bones and Glee. Currently, Pokemon is at the forefront of my fandoms including anything Team Rocket related. Why? Well, I've always liked it and watched it when I was younger and something triggered me to rewatch it. Over six months later, I've gone past what I originally saw and I'm still enjoying it, much to my suprise. Besides, if it wasn't for those lovely, charming villians I wouldn't be inspired to attempt writing again! So when I do eventually get my act together I wouldn't be suprised if I start posting Team Rocket centered fics. Only time will tell...

Why do I write?: Enjoyment, to show something different, to contribute to fandom (as I'm not artistic or good at making vids, this is the easiest thing for me) and to improve my skills. I'm not going to be a writer but as I'm so used to writing more scientifically, this makes for a nice break. My writings are generally short pieces or song parodies just because I've never really gotten the inspiration for longer stuff. This suites me as I find it hard to find time to write or read, so I suppose it's somewhat of a personal perference.

General Comments: I'm more of a reviewer than a writer here though I have put a few stories up. If something inspires me I'll attempt to do it especially if I think it's something different. When reviewing, I try to be positive, encouraging and constructive when need be. I would consider this quite different to my nature as I've been known (and told) to be quite pessimistic. If you have anything to say, feel free to drop a message somewhere and I'll try to answer it when I have a chance. I know lately I've become slack with my writing but I do still hang anound here from time to time. No matter when you leave a message, I promise to get back to you even if it's years later.

Also, if you happen be one of the lucky ones on Pottermore, I do have an account. It's NimbusKnight5 so feel free to friend me if you're there.

Currently reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire (I knew about the book a little after knowing about the musical and since I saw it, I wanted to read the source material. It's suprisingly different from the musical but understandably so because there are some heavy themes covered), Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs (trying something different as well as comparing with the show. I've actually read Devil Bones and more reciently Spider Bones aka Mortal Remains. The jargon admittly goes over my head most times but it's written in such a way that you still know what's going on as well as finding something interesting to like), The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman (finally, finally can actually read the whole thing start to finish instead of scattered. Been wanting to for ages both for personal interest and possible fanfic idea research.)

Currently watching: Fullmeatal Alchemist: Brotherhood (so, so so good! It is different to the first series and even if you have seen it, it is just as riveting. Very worthwile to watch), Pokemon (duh), Doctor Who (duh but I would like to go back and watch some early 10/Rose stuff) and Once Upon a Time (this is a new series from Americia. It's been 7 episodes to this date with more to come. If you like fantasy and fairytales with a modern twist, find and start watching this series. I can't recommened it enough). Still waiting for Bones and Castle to come back on tv here. :(

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