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Welcome to my page...Here are some little tidbits about me.

Name: Therese

Location: FL

My favorite fics to read are Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Phantom of the opera.

My favorite couples to ship

Doctor Who

Doctor/Rose (9/10 and some Human Doctor fics) They're meant to be!

Platonic Jack/Rose

Harry Potter

Harry/Ginny (They are meant for eachother)



Hermoine/Fred or Hermoine/George





SPAM... enjoy!

Ten Quotes To Prove The Doctor Loves Rose Tyler

1. "I'm so glad I met you." ~ The Unquiet Dead

2. "I could save the world, but lose you." ~ World War Three

3. "I killed her once. I can't do it again." ~ Dalek

4. "I only take the best. I've got Rose." ~ Long Game

5. "I think you need a Doctor." ~ Parting of the Ways

6. "Give her back to me." ~ New Earth

7. "Humans decay. You wither and you die. Imagine having that happen to someone you --" ~ School Reunion

8. "If you get back in touch... if you talk to Rose... tell her... just tell her... oh, she knows." ~ Satan Pit

9. "If I believe in one thing, just one thing... I believe in her!" ~ Satan Pit

10. Quite right too. And I suppose, if it's my last chane to say it... Rose Tyler--" ~ Doomsday

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