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Hey my name is Krystal,

I've been reading fanfiction for years. My favs at the moment would have to be Harry Potter and South Park (shockingly good). My favs change when my obsessions change, which happens alot. Im obsessed with anything yoai, anime, manga, and I love books. I havent read any good books recently so if you know any TELL ME!! I hate writing and my Senior AP English teacher COMPLETELY turned me off writing last year. I attend Southeastern Louisiana Unversity and I love it, my new english teach is wack too so I still hate writing. I haven't written anything, other than poetry, and probably wont, so dont hold your breath. I'm really good at catching mistakes and editing so if you need someone to proof read your work, and if I actually like your story, than i'll do it for you.

I stopped reading fanfiction on a computer like 2 years ago. I started reading it on my BlackBerry, for me its easier and when im in class bored I just take out my phone and read fanfiction. Im less likely to get caught with my phone than pulling out a laptop! x.X!

I love reading fanfiction and I think my favorits list is the shit! Im in the process of going back and rereading the things on the list and taking some of the stories off. Im also re-editing my authors list.

I usually dont review stories i would just add it to story alerts, there usually has to be something that catches my attention, or if I really like a story and see that they only have 6 reviews then I would leave a review.

This is a list of all my past and presents obsessions on


Beauty Pop Fav-Kiri/Shogo
Code Geass Fav-Lelouch/C.C
Cowboy Bebop Fav-Faye/Spike
Death Note Fav-Misa/Light
Dragon Ball Z Fav-Vegeta/Goku
Evangelion Fav-Asuka/Shinji
Hana Yori Dango Fav-Makino/Doumyuoji
Ranma Fav-Akane/Ranma
Samuri Champloo Fav-Fuu/Mugen
Scryed Fav-Kazuma/Mimori
Skip Beat Fav-Kyoko/Ren
Spirtied Away Fav-Chihiro/Kohaku
Vandread Fav-Dita/Hibiki
Yu Yu Hakusho Fav-Hiei/Yusuke
Fruit Basket Fav-Kyo/Tohru Yuki/Haru
Fullmetal Alchemist Fav-Ed/Envy
Gundam Seed-Flay/Kira
Naruto Fav-Nartuo/Sasuke/Gaara
Inuyasha Fav-Inu/Kouga Inu/Sess Sess/Naru Sess/Kagome
Shaman King Fav-Yoh/Anna Anna/Hao
Tokyo Mew Mew Fav-Kish/Ichigo
Yu-Gi-Oh Fav-Joey/Seto
Bleach Fav-Ichigo/Orihime


Harry Potter Fav-Harry/Draco Sirius/Lucius Sirius/Severus Draco/Ron
Twilight Fav-Edward/Jacob


Avatar the Last Airbender Fav-Sokka/Zuko
Batman(All) Fav-Catwoman/Batman
Code Lyoko Fav-Sissi/Ulrich Sissi/Odd
Ed,Ed,Eddy Fav-Edd/Kevin
Power Puff Girls Fav-Buttercup/Butch
Teen Titans Fav-Robin/Starfire
Boondocks Fav-Huey/Jazmine
Codename: Kids Next Door Fav-Wallabee(4)/Kuki(3)
Total Drama Island Fav-Courtney/Duncan
South Park Fav-Eric/Cartman


Sonic the Hedgehog Fav-Sonic/Amy Shadow/Amy
Kingdom Hearts Fav-Sora/Riku
Devil May Cry Fav-Dante/Lucia


X-Men Fav-Mystique/Wolverine Pyro/Rouge
G.I. Joe Fav-Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow
Pitch Black Fav-Riddick/Carolyn Fry


Gossip Girl Fav-Chuck/Blair/Dan
Degrassi Fav-Eli/Clare Emma/Sean Emma/Jay Alli/Drew
ICarly Fav-Sam&Freddy

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