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Hi. This is Red Okra.

This account was actually first meant for giving reviews and keeping in track with my favorite stories and authors. But then times have changed and I decided to do my own writing. Updates may come slow, unfortunately, because the muses come at an indefinite time and I'm such a sluggish writer.

So uhh, I'm not sure how you ended up here or why you're possibly reading this, although I have this hunch that you're an author of a story I made a review on (if yes, HELLO YOU AND YOUR WRITINGS ARE AMAZING) OR you’re probably waiting for the next chapter and happened to click on my author profile. If it’s the latter, I do have to apologize in advance if updates come slow because I'm only able to write during my free hours in a week.

Anyway, if you do want to reach me or message me about something, please feel free to do so via private messaging! Or you could also reach me at tumblr or twitter! :)

Story Status:

(1) Third Wheels, Life Anew (indefinite hiatus)

All FT stories are under indefinite hiatus as of the moment; not really inspired to write again... Who knows, one day there might be an update!

(2) Spring (indefinite hiatus)

- Inspired to do this one after reading the GX manga. I wanted to explore on the possibilities of Manjoume x Asuka especially considering how different Manjoume is with his anime counterpart. Set after the ending of the manga, and focusing on their lives after graduating from the Academy.

(3) Celestials (complete)

- This story was made after watching the XM:A interviews and promotions that featured Evan P. and Sophie T. I loved their off-screen chemistry lol and it made me think of the possible interactions between their respective characters, Peter and Jean. Not to mention, they're my favorites in the movie and I have this certain penchant of thinking of interactions between my favs, haha. Thus the story was born!

(4) The Bakugou Effect (complete)

- I actually love both Bakugou and Yaoyorozu so like the usual fangirl I am, I tried to imagine scenes of them together. I kinda like the idea that they sorta balance each other in a way, like what Bakugou lacked in tact and politeness, Yaoyorozu lacked in self-confidence and assertiveness, LOL. I guess they may be able to teach each other something, which is what I'd like to explore in this story.

- I've currently been experiencing a severe lack of motivation to continue writing chapter 7 . . . Almost half of the chapter has been written but I feel stuck. I hope the muse comes back. :(

(5) Just a Layover (indefinite hiatus)

- The future teachers AU that I’ve been drawing about in tumblr. Will continue this after I’m done with The Bakugou Effect, which is nearing its end!

(6) Stalwart Affinity (complete)

- I've completed the story after...80 years. LOL. Honestly I have much in planned for this story but I lost the motivation to write about it, especially when FT ended. I hope I made a pretty satsifying ending despite it being too compressed in one chapter.

(7) Onward (complete)

- I've been meaning to make a KaiRan story after seeing The Lost Ship in the Sky movie, and then the Sunflowers of Inferno happened. Uhh me posting this story 3 years after Movie 19 came out seems odd, maybe. I have my local TV network to blame for airing Detective Conan episodes and reminding me about this old story idea, LOL.

(8) Mend (complete)

- Just recently I discovered a Bleach databook that I bought during the days when I was an active fan of Bleach. It pushed me to write a story about Hirako and Hinamori, who had been my favorite duo in the newly-reformed Gotei 13. I really think they'd be able to help each other in their own ways and could balance the extremes in their personalities. Originally I only planned to explore their dynamics through the story but it somehow ended in a romantic sense lmao. I guess I'm such as sucker for slow burn, mutual pining tropes. Though the story mostly really centers around the “home” theme, which means family and kinda goes beyond romance too, if that makes sense, which was why I decided to change the genre from ”romance” to ”family.”

(9) Feathers Flock (complete)

- Inspired after reading a chapter from the novels We Do Knot Always Love You, where Lisa was consulting Nanao and Momo about vice captain candidates because she didn't really know anyone. I figured it was fun to explore how Yumichika would interact with Lisa. It was also interesting how Akon was apparently her first choice and I'm tempted to explore that angle too. Maybe one day? Lol

(10) Turning Point (complete)

- Inspired to write this after knowing Dimitri's fate in Verdant Wind. That, and I wanted to explore the dynamics between these two insanely strong characters. Hilda could probably teach him a thing about relaxing and Dimitri telling her to strive for her goals!

(11) Something Constant (ongoing)

- I love the dynamic between Yuri and Constance, lol. Anyway this story is what I think could’ve happened in their paired ending card.

I'd like to also take this space to thank everyone who's reviewed, followed, and favorited so far. They all mean very much to me. Much love!

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