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A quick note to the readers of my Sanctuary fiction:

'Love in the Time of Science' 'People of the Sand' and 'Sanctuary of the Moon' are all intricately linked together with pieces of plots floating between the three stories. Although they can be read as stand-alones, it is recommended that you read the three as a set. Don't be deceived by the 'Love' part in the prequel's title, it is not a romance story but action/adventure/mystery/horror like its two sequels.

Also, thank you to everyone who has been taking the time to review - it means the world to me to know that people read and enjoy these little (well, crazily long) fics!

I feel the need to put my general disclaimer here - so this is for ALL the fics below.

I DO NOT own anything to do with Sanctuary (the TV series), Stargate or any of its franchises including but not limited to SG1 and SGA, BSG, anything written by H G Wells, Bram Stoker's 'Dracula', Jack the Ripper, Nikola Tesla, Matthew Arnold, Heinrich August Ossenfelder's 'Der Vampir', The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, With Lawrence in Arabia by Lowell Thomas, Arther C Clarke's 'Mysterious World', David Grann's 'The Lost City of Z', the Egyptian Book of the Dead' or anything else that I may have forgotten to list... I'm just borrowing these all for entertainment purposes - so please don't sue me - I have no money! :D

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