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Hello, all. I'm JadeSkull16, but you can call me Jade for short if you like.

I'm a cynical optimist (or am I an optimistic cynic? haha), an introvert, and a huge nerd/geek. I like people and want to make friends, but at the same time I'm also kind of afraid of them and don't have the greatest social skills. It's a frustrating mix of emotions.

I love many types of movies, music, video games, and books. Whenever I'm getting into something new I try to keep my mind open rather than go into it with a list of things I'm expecting from it-I find that I'm disappointed a lot less that way and I'm often pleasantly surprised at what I do get. I have a fairly wide range of interests-I can appreciate something "artsy" and "intellectual" -like Shakespeare's plays- as well as something completely silly and cheesy like High School Musical. Everything's got it's own unique mood, and I love that. I'd have to say that overall, though, I especially have a weakness for fantasy and science fiction. I love me some fairies, dragons and spaceships.

I didn't draw my profile picture, my sister did. She's a lot better at drawing than me.


Okay, I like a LOT of characters-and I do mean a LOT- but I'm just going to list ones I think deserve special mention.

DARTH VADAR: He is the perfect example of a 'cool villain' - he dresses in all black, he's got a cape and a deep voice, and he just has an all around menacing presence. He's not like some villains who boss everyone else around but don't do anything themselves, either. He'll get right into the fight if he needs to, and I can respect that. Also, I think he's the reason I have a weakness for villians who 'reform' or 'redeem' themselves in some way, shape or form. What can I say, I'm a big softie for scary killer cyborgs bonding with their sons. Awwww...

BATMAN: Aaaaand another character who dresses in mostly black. Yup. I have a bit of a goth side to me, haha. Anyway, when I say Batman's one of my favorite superheroes, I'm mostly talking about him as he appears in the Christopher Nolan movies. The reason I like him is that he really shattered my expectations-I expected Batman to be very dark, brooding, pessimistic, and probably more than a little unmoralistic. But while he was still dark and brooding, despite everything- how screwed up Gotham is, how little people seemed to trust him, how many times people he thought were on his side screwed him over- he still had faith in humanity. He still stubbornly did everything he could to avoid killing people and to protect them. He's like the most hardcore optimist ever, and that's really why I think he's awesome. Although having some really awesome ninja skills certainly doesn't hurt, either.

NICK WILDE: First off, let me just say I love foxes. They're one of my favorite animals, and seeing Nick in the trailers was really what spurred me to go see Zootopia, so I may be just a tad biased. But, regardless of his species, Nick just radiates cool. He's just so relaxed and chill, he's someone I'd love to hang out with any day. And even though he's a bit brittle at first, I can't blame him-being mistrusted by others for most of your life for no good reason is not easy to just ignore. Seeing him and Judy become good friends is so sweet and fun to watch, and it was heart wrenching when Judy misguidedly hurt him. Overall, he's just such a nice, funny guy I can't help but love him.

DATA: I am far from being a hardcore trekkie or anything like that-I've only seen a smattering of episodes from the Original series and Next Generation and the most recent movies-but I've really enjoyed what I have seen and like many of the characters. Data has quickly become my favorite. Even though he's a robot and apparently cannot feel emotion, he really is sweet and genuinely cares about the other crew members of the enterprise. He always has an air of calmness and intelligence about him which sort of puts you at ease. What really grabbed my attention about him at first was a scene where somebody walked in on him listening to four pieces of music at once. And he was able to listen to, evaluate, and appreciate all of them. Not to mention it was implied he could have been listening to even more pieces at once but had whittled it down to four for the sake of his fellow crew mates. Too freaking awesome for words.

KAREN: To clarify, I'm talking about Karen from the Harvest Moon games. Harvest Moon 64 was the first Harvest Moon game I ever played, and Karen was the first person I ever had one of my little farmers marry. Why do I like her so much? Well, because she likes dancing, first off, and the fact that she lives in a vineyard that is enchanted by fairies. Ever since I was little, both fairies and dancing have been incredibly intriguing to me. I was also always curious about her family's relationships and felt bad that they fought so much, and I was so happy when they got along better after I befriended them. But also, her attitude always astounded me, she's so forward which is very different from me. Though she could be bratty at times, overall I kind of admired how easily she expressed her feelings. She's just a cool girl all around.

SHARPAY AND RYAN EVANS: Even though all of the characters in the High School Musical movies are interesting and fun to watch, these two take the cake for me. Sharpay's such an over-the-top diva and Ashley Tisdale plays her part so well I just can't help but love the spoiled girl. And even though during the third movie she seems to have forgotten the lesson she learned at the end of the second movie, honestly her "schemes" seem really half-hearted and I can't help but feel she's just going through the motions. Besides, she really does feel like part of the group in the last movie, whereas in the first two she was definitely not.

Of all the characters in the movies, I feel like Ryan changed the most out of everyone. In the first movie he's Sharpay's not-so-smart henchman, but in the second one he's had enough of her antics and really breaks away to be his own person. He's got the same penchant for theatrics as she does but not on such an extreme scale. He's friendly, funny, and he'll teach anyone who thinks they're too manly or tough to dance that dancing is really pretty awesome. Oh and I forgot to mention COOL HATS.

more coming soon...


I play my fair share of games that include a marriage or dating feature, which I am more than happy to make use of! Here are the virtual people 'I' have married:

Harvest Moon: Karen (HM64) / Ann (SNES) / Dan (MM) / Gustafa (AWL)

Rune Factory: Alicia (RF2) / Sofia (RF3) / Kiel (RF4)

Stardew Valley: Elliott

Asagao Acadamy: I played through all the routes, but PBG's was probably my favorite to play through. But I might like the way Jared's ended even's a toss up, really


“Stomping fools is my business! Show me a fool, I'll stomp it! I don't even need a reason!” ~Bowser, Super Paper Mario.

"You still haven't given up on me?" "Never" ~ Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Begins

"...and then she went nothing, and everyone sadded." ~My Litte Ponly Friendship is Danger

"RIP MY RASTY OLAYS!" ~Wario, Super Left 4 Dead Bros.

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