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I'm a fan of Professor Layton! My favorite character is Flora Reinhold, as you could probably tell. :)

Ok, so here is a little bit of information about myself:

Gender: Female

Age: A Teenager

Favorite Color: Pastel colors

Birthday: June 23

Hobbies: Reading, Writing Stories, Piano, and Drawing(Or art all together.)

I am a Christian!

My first Professor Layton game was "Professor Layton and the Curious Village."

My Stories:

1. Christmas With the Laytons(Complete)

2. The Golden Apprentices(Complete)

3. Professor Layton and the Golden Apple

4. So We Meet Again!

5. Flora Reinhold's POV: The Unwound Future!(Complete)

6. Welcome to Misthallery!

New Stories That I'm Working On:

1. It Has A Nice Ring to It- Anton Herzen's POV of the Diabolical Box.

2. I Guess This Is Goodbye- This is just a little story about Luke's thoughts before he left for America in the end of UF. Please don't hate me for writing this story. It will make you sad, I promise. It makes me sad just writing it!

3. Frustrations and Misunderstandings- Madison was not having a very good day, to say the least. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, Humor, OC.

Future Ideas:

1. Of Golden Apples and Robots- This is just a little humorous story about Flora and Simon Reinhold. What's better than a story about cousins and arguments?

2. Kittens, Candy, and Flowers- It's about time that Gordon Reinhold gets a girlfriend. Or not. (Humorous)

3. Professor Layton: Truth or Dare- How many truth or dare stories have been made? A lot, but most of them haven't been completed. I intend to create a humorous truth or dare, and one that's worth reading.

My OC's:

1. Alex Dewight- Welcome to Misthallery

Age: 15.

Gender: Male

Info: A teenager who helps Layton, Luke, and Flora during their investigation. He's got light brown hair with dreamy blue eyes, with an adorable smile. He's kind, compassionate, and caring, but he can also be a bit stubborn at times. He and his sister, Amber, run one of the town's local restaurants. He also likes to fish. He and his sister are alone in Misthallery, due to their parents being doctors in the city of Montè d'Or.

2. Amber Dewight- Welcome to Misthallery

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Info: Alex's younger sister. Unlike her older brother, she has dark brown hair with emerald green eyes. She's sweet, sarcastic when needed, and, just like her brother, outgoing. Together, she and her brother run one of the local restaurants in Misthallery.

What other fandoms do I like?:

1. Harvest Moon! (I go on the Ushi No Tane Forum! My guest username is HarvestPuzzler, in case you're wondering.)

2. Miss Abbot and the Doctor(that's one of the best comics I've ever read)

3. Christy Miller series, written by Robin Jones Gunn

4. Dear America

5. The Willow Falls series, written by Wendy Mass

6. Twice Upon a Time series, written by Wendy Mass

7. Baby Sitters Club series, by Ann M. Martin(boy, I discovered those books REALLY late)

8. Little House on the Prairie!

9. Once Upon A Marigold(yet to be read!)

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