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Brutally honest when it comes to reviews, I will tell you why you or your story sucks and what to fix.

Hey I'm Nigel D'arkha Sammahn Muto.

Age: Old (Not my first account)

Hobbies: Exercising, Boxing, Taekwondo, Being a Gadfly, Cooking, Playing League now and then.

Likes: Tofu, Spicy Foods, Pastries, Reading.

Dislikes: Sour Foods, Perverts. Bad writers.

I'll get straight to the point, If I write it'll most likely be about the naruto universe, why? because I know way to much about it from reading the manga and watching the anime from watching/reading Masashi Kishimoto's interviews, Expert in the field of neighruto.

Stories I enjoy reading mostly involve Si/OC, The Gamer, Reincarnation, Transmigration.

Mostly involving Naruto on occasion Harry Potter when they're done well.

I don't read what are in my opinion bad fanfiction, Example they change the charaters into a straight up cynical bastards, sex crazed fiends (I'm a bit of a prude) or make the character fucking unrecognizable, the bad writer trope of having their protagonist's reveal that the worlds they're in is a books\shows for kids and the people he tells are just fine with knowing that, which is just shitty writing and incredibly stupid to think that they would be fine with that, the looked down upon cliches and over used unrealistic existential crisis every SI goes through examples, I have knowledge of this world and know when everyone will die time to freak out and cry, what if they find out my secrets (even though its unlikely) time to freak out also known as fake tension, oh know i'v been put into a child's body time to cry about it and brood over the fact that they've taken over someones body, not even thinking they might have been reincarnated." Retarded writers are retarded.

My English needs some work I know.

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