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I thought a white space would be boring, so I guess I'll just fill it in! . Well, I'm female if you haven't figured it out already, and I'm a newbie author. Yes, do not read my fanfics, they pretty much suck. In fact, why are you here? WHY? Unless your PMing me... Ok, that clears it up. :P Oh, and if anyone has any questions regarding my fics, (which I'm sure you don't because you don't read them right...) just PM me. Oh, and my Yahoo msg id is janeviolin05 if you wanna chat. Well, I'm a teenager, ( that's all you're getting) and I love video games, lol! I am a tomboyish sort, but that doesn't matter, does it?

Favorite Animes

Inuyasha (duh!)

Yu Yu Hakusho

Ouran High School Host Club (Though I was just introduced my a friend XD)

Love Hina

Faerie's Landing (wait, how do you spell faerie? fairy? which faerie or fairy for _ Landing? Confuzzling! @)

I know there are more, but I can't think of them just yet...

Favorite Games

Soul Calibur 3

Dynasty Warriors 5 Extreme Legends

Samurai Warriors

Link and Zelda games

Super Smash Bros. Melee

FFX and FFX-2

Star Ocean

And others I can't quite remember right now...

And that shall be all until I decide to write further. . Ja ne!

Oh and btw, I bet you SKIPPED ALL THE WAY TO THIS PART 'CAUSE YOU THOUGHT I WAS BORING, BUT THEN YOU MAYBE STOPPED WHEN YOU SAW GINORMOUS TEXT LIKE THIS. I'LL STOP NOW! (Ginormous is a word I made up, but I know other people use it too. .

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