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I'm Canadian but not born in Canada. My roots are on the other side of the world, an archipelago of 7000 islands situated in the Far East, a land conquered and colonized by the Spaniards for over 300 years then turned over to the USA during the Spanish-American War, for 50 years then during World War II, was under the thumb of the Japanese Imperial Army for three years. We established ourselves in the eyes of the world by kicking out a dictator of twenty years through a bloodless coup where many civilians stood in the streets in front of tanks asking the soldiers not to slay their own brothers and sisters.

I mainly write Zootopian fan fiction for the love of doing it. After having seen the movie, I was convinced that -- even though I was blown away by Frozen -- Zootopia would have a larger impact because of its message of not judging because of prejudice and how anyone can be anything they set their mind to. The image in my profile was created by TheWinterBunny (thewinterbunny dot tumblr dot com) who is a fantastic and very (underscoring, bolding and italics are all mine) talented artist. If you're looking to help out a struggling artist, go to her place and learn how you can make a difference. ;-)

My fursona is that of a large grizzly bear - and in no way related to GustheBear, who is also a member of - although, by strange coincidence, that is my nickname, too.

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