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I'm just a girl in secondary school, a Vietnamese. Friendship is very important to me, even though I don't have many friends. "You may have many friends when you count, but only few when you need."

- that's what I think about it.

I like writing fanfictions because it really makes me feel relaxed to write things I think into stories and I'm currently working on one (many actually, this is only the one I want to upload for now). My fanfics will be around Elsword, I'm not sure about other games or animes and mangas because I don't read or watch them but there might be some in the future. The main genre might be romance, but it doesn't contain "lemons". My type of romance is simply love, a friendly and lovely relationship. I enjoy reading fanfictions here, they're all great.

About my shipping in Elsword, I divide them into couples of certain paths. Here they are:

Elsword x Aisha:

Knight Emperor x Metamorphy

Rune Master x Aether Sage

Immortal x Oz Sorcerer

Raven x Rena:

Furious Blade x Twilight

Rage Hearts x Daybreaker

Nove Imperator x Anemos

Edward Grenore (Add) x Eve:

Doom Bringer x (Code:) Ultimate

Dominator x (Code:) Esencia

Mad Paradox x (Code:) Sariel

Chung Seiker x Luciela "Lu" Rosemary Sourcream:

Fatal Phantom x Ishtar

Centurion x Timoria

Ciel x Elesis:

Abysser x Bloody Queen

Chevalier x Flame Lord

Ciel x Luciela "Lu" Rosemary Sourcream:

Annuller x Iblis

Ainchase "Ain" Ishmael x Anna Testarossa (Rose):

Richter x Black Massacre

Bluhen x Minerva

Herrscher x Prime Operator

Note: I also upload my fanfics on tumblr, go ahead and search for a blog with my username or my fic posting blog, @tomokahiroshi.
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