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June 15, 2009 - Oh dear, I now hear the NCIS Awards have been cancelled - what a shame. It must take an amazing amount of time and effort to get something like that up and running and whoever did make the attempt, well done for making the effort! I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into the Stargate Fan Awards as they are huge, huge, huge. I'm looking forward to reading all the nominations in the many categories and putting in my votes.

May 31, 2009 - Whoever has nominated my work for the NCIS Fanfiction awards - a heartfelt thank you!! I feel really honoured.

I didn't even know such an award existed, but now that I do, I am going to do my own bit and put forward my own nominations. I know all about the Stargate awards, but this is completely new. If you have your own favourites, do go and nominate them too so that these awards will receive lots of recognition. Someone somewhere is going to a lot of trouble so having reaped the benefits of reading all those wonderful stories, let's show our appreciation and take a few moments to add some of your own to the list.

I've just noticed that there have been a number of hits on my nonexistant profile - sorry. So here goes...Well, I'm not giving my age as it is past the number for being mentioned in public. I'm a Brit living in Dubai with my husband and two daughters; it's an amazing part of the Middle East where people are ultra friendly and life is incredibly hectic. I home tutor both adults and children and I'm kept busy, busy, busy. I've been an SG-1 addict for 5 years and recharge my batteries by reading and writing SG-1 fanfic. I've now become an avid Atlantis reader and may, one of these fine days, pluck up the courage and actually write something about Sheppard and his team. The same applies to NCIS, especially concerning Gibbs and Tony.

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